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5-26-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
U.S. is a top villain in Pakistan’s conspiracy talk (New York Times)
U.S. offered crucial evidence in Pakistani meeting on Times Square (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistan Taliban attack eastern Afghan province (BBC News)
Media freedom fears after Facebook ban (BBC News)
Economic stability taking hold in Pakistan (Reuters)
World Bank gives Pakistan 48-hour ultimatum (Dawn)
U.S., India feel Sino-Pak nuclear deal irreversible (Dawn)
JUI-F may quit government coalition (The News)
U.S. lauds Indo-Pak commitment to dialogue (The News)
Lessons from Faisal Shahzad by Rick Nelson & Ben Bodurian (Foreign Policy)
Is PML-Q an effective opposition? by Marvi Memon (Express Tribune)
State Bank’s monetary policy (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Taliban slay elders over aid money (New York Times)
Kandahar governor faced allegations in job with contractor (Washington Post)
Car bomb hits outside NATO base in Kandahar city (Associated Press)
Taliban haunt nights in a Kandahar village (Wall Street Journal)
NATO soldiers bid farewell to slain Canadian (Associated Press)
Red Cross defends first aid courses for Taliban (Associated Press)
U.S. prison at Bagram to hold first trial (Associated Press)
  • Also: New Afghan prison marks change in Obama strategy (Reuters)
U.S. soldier beaten after reporting crimes (AFP)
A flawed strategy and a failed war by Katrina vanden Heuvel (Washington Post)
Bagram: a legal black hole? (Los Angeles Times)
Showtime in Kandahar by Jonathan Wallace (Foreign Policy)
Can India & Pakistan save Afghanistan? by Lawrence Korb & Gianluca La Manno (CAP)
America’s fatal flaws in Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid (Der Spiegel)
Liam Fox’s mistaken view of Afghanistan by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

Other stories:
Delhi court bans Air India strike (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Thousands stranded by strike (BBC News)
In India, banking on the morning after (Time)

New special relationship: UK and India by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)

5-25-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:
Supreme Court decides Mumbai suspect can stay free (Associated Press)
  • Also: Court upholds freedom of Hafiz Saeed (Express Tribune)
  • Also: Court quashes appeals against Saeed (Reuters)
  • Also: Government failed to provide enough evidence (Dawn)
Other stories:

Swat “Taliban families” expelled by tribal council (BBC News)
Peshawar fears influx of Taliban militants (Express Tribune)
Mehsud militants agree to leave North Waziristan for South (The News)
Zardari calls for taking Sino-Pak relations to new heights (Daily Times)
Foreign debt escalating (The News)
Where was Faisal Shahzad? by Raza Khan (Foreign Policy)
Pakistan asks, why do you hate us? by Steve Inskeep (Daily Beast)
Internet censorship (Dawn)
Widening jihadist appeal (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Afghan intelligence agency accuses ISI in bombing (New York Times)
  • Also: Several Taliban arrested in bomb investigations (Reuters)
Number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan exceeds total in Iraq (Washington Post)
An earful after a military operation in Kandahar (Los Angeles Times)
Kandahar governor strains to exert influence (Financial Times)
Kandahar campaign may be last chance to win over Afghans (ABC News)
Afghan government accountant sentenced for corruption (BBC News)
McChrystal impatient with Marja campaign (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: McChrystal calls Marja a “bleeding ulcer” (McClatchy)
UK army decides to detonate rather than dismantle Taliban bombs (The Independent)
Americans outgunned by Taliban AK-47s (Times of London)

The harsh lives of Kabul’s street children (BBC News)

Afghans believe U.S. is funding Taliban by Daniella Peled (Guardian)
Time to end mixed messages on Afghanistan policy by Richard Norton-Taylor (Guardian)

Other stories:
Flight data recorder of crashed Indian plane found (Associated Press)
Why are Hindu honor killings rising in India? (Time)

5-24-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:
Pakistan army major among two new arrests in NY bombing (New York Times)

  • Also: Evidence mounts against Pakistan army major in NY case (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Caterer, others held for ties to NY bomb case (Washington Post)
  • Also: Relatives say three Pakistanis innocent in Times Square case (Associated Press)
  • Also: Two detained admit to aiding bomb plot (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistani novels shed light on Times Square bombing (McClatchy)

Other stories:
North Waziristan is no simple target (Los Angeles Times)
Pakistanis look beyond U.S. for work, travel, education (Washington Post)
Exile Musharraf plans return to high office (Financial Times)
Jihadis make their way to Pakistan training areas (Associated Press)
Pakistan election commission plans democracy reforms (Reuters)
In violent Karachi, insurgency finds a haven (New York Times)
Supreme Court hears constitutional challenges (BBC News)
Missile, fighting kills 12 in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Pakistani suspect ordered back to prison in Chile (Associated Press)
Pakistan-born rock star on “jihad” against extremism (BBC News)
Supreme Court adjourns hearing of 18th amendment (Express Tribune)
Thirty militants killed in Orakzai operation (Express Tribune)
China and Pakistan agree to conduct joint military exercises (Geo)
Pakistan to raise defense budget by 30% (Times of India)
IMF tells Pakistan not to bet on external financing (Express Tribune)

Pakistani bloggers debate internet bans (BBC News)
The rise of American jihad by Karen Greenberg (The New Republic)

Top stories:
Into Kandahar, yesterday and tomorrow (New York Times)

Other stories:
U.S. tries to reintegrate Taliban soldiers (New York Times


Afghanistan peace jirga is postponed (Wall Street Journal)
Raids show Taliban will persist amid losses (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan government and Taliban deny formal talks (New York Times)
In Afghan fields, a challenge to opium’s luster (New York Times)
U.S. night raid elicits outrage, satisfaction (Los Angeles Times)
Russia gives U.S. Afghan drugs data, criticizes NATO (Reuters)
Government-friendly tribal elder killed in north (Associated Press)
Appeals court says no habeas rights for Afghan prisoners (Los Angeles Times)
Pomegranates, not poppies: the future of Afghan farmers (Time)
UK army’s top bomb disposal officer resigns (BBC News)
UK defense secretary under attack after Afghanistan comment (Times of London)
50k Afghan refugees return home from Pakistan this year (UNHCR)

Hague on Afghanistan by Steve Coll (The New Yorker)
The Taliban is hitting, but not winning by Anders Fogh Rasmussen (International Herald Tribune)
In absence of debate, Iraq & Afghanistan go unnoticed by Fred Hiatt (Washington Post)
Will NATO ever go to war again? by Robert Haddick (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
Indian premier stresses economy and diplomacy (New York Times)
Singh seeks to match China’s growth (Financial Times)
Singh says major effort underway in Indo-Pak talks (Associated Press)

Singh defends against leadership criticisms (Reuters)
Crash raises issue of India’s aviation oversight (New York Times


Billionaire brothers end dispute (Bloomberg)
Indian town drops death penalty in murder case (Associated Press)
India allows cotton exports again (Wall Street Journal)
Plight of India’s “floating villagers” (BBC News)

The loneliness of Manmohan Singh by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)
The Indian inflation fight (Wall Street Journal)

5-21-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Musharraf to “join politics” (Reuters)
  • Also: Musharraf planning political return (BBC News)
  • Also: Ex-president vows to return (CNN)
U.S. intelligence fears TTP strike on U.S. (CNN)
U.S. outlines moves after Shahzad’s arrest (New York Times)
Pakistan seeks resolution of India water dispute (Wall Street Journal)

Terror comes home to U.S. (Newsweek)

Three Britons killed in Pakistan over family feud (Reuters)
Suspected Taliban blow up “U.S. spies” in Pakistan (Reuters)
Gilani visits lake on verge of overflowing (BBC News)
U.S. concerned about Pakistan’s Facebook ban (State Department)
MQM accuses ANP of targeted killings (Express Tribune)
USAID ready to help rebuild restive Pakistan (Dawn)
Osama’s top gun is back by Bruce Riedel (Daily Beast)
Whatever happened to Kerry-Lugar by Raza Rumi (Express Tribune)
The Karachi killings (Dawn)

Other stories:

Afghan officials met insurgent representatives in Maldives (Times of London)
  • Also: Afghan peace talks held in Maldives (Guardian)
  • Also: Taliban in secret talks in Maldives (ABC News)
  • Also: Karzai reportedly unhappy with talks (Al Jazeera)

Toll in Kabul attack included U.S., Canadian officers (New York Times)
U.S. rolls up red carpet for Karzai rival Abdullah (New York Times)

U.S. rifles not suited to warfare in Afghan hills (Associated Press)
No survivors found at Afghan crash site (Associated Press)
  • Also: Police find bodies, including British, at crash site (Reuters)
Taliban attack Afghan police base camp (Reuters)
Bagram attackers wore U.S.-style uniforms (CNN)
Night raids on militants not an unmitigated success (The Economist)
Army graduate school teaches lessons from Iraq & Afghanistan (McClatchy)
Afghanistan: stuck by Tom Ricks (Foreign Policy)

5-20-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Questionable China-Pakistan deal draws little comment from U.S. (Washington Post)

Pakistan army pays heavy price in Taliban war (Reuters)
Gunmen kill “peace broker” in South Waziristan (Reuters)
North Waziristan offensive up to Pakistan, says NATO official (AFP)

Pakistan widens online ban to include Youtube (New York Times)
  • Also: Government expands internet clampdown (Washington Post)
  • Also: Pakistanis divided over internet restrictions (BBC News)
At least 20 killed in Karachi violence (BBC News)
Pakistanis fear lake will wash them away (BBC News)
Gunmen shoot former parliamentarian near Tank (BBC News)
Shelling kills 25 militants in Orakzai (Express Tribune)
Law minister says president can keep two offices (Express Tribune)
Sweden closes Islamabad embassy due to security (Dawn)
Pakistan, U.S. vow to step up efforts against terror (Daily Times)
Indo-Pak resolve to cooperate in vital sectors (The News)
Pakistan unfriends Facebook by Saba Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)
Talking peace, readying for war by Rubina Saigol (Express Tribune)
Baloch nationalism gone wrong by Malik Siraj Akbar (Express Tribune)
The American visits (Dawn)
Assessing the Obama administration’s engagement strategy (CNAS)

Other stories:
In ambush, glimpse of a long Afghan summer (New York Times)
New U.S. troops quickly learn about challenges (Washington Post)
Afghans detain Taliban “governor” (Reuters)
U.S. investigating Afghan civilian deaths (Associated Press)
U.S. launches criminal probe into civilian deaths (Reuters)
Afghan militants hold talks in Maldives (Associated Press)
Tail of missing plane is spotted (Associated Press)
Steve Coll interviews Abdullah Abdullah (Foreign Policy)
A. W. Karzai accused over theft of Defense Ministry land (Times of London)
Afghan security deal could boost A. W. Karzai (McClatchy)
O brother, where art thou? by James Traub (Foreign Policy)
Afghanistan’s reintegration challenges (Norwegian Peacebuilding Center)

Other stories:
Cyclone Laila hits southeastern India (Associated Press)
India proposes windfall tax on non-fuel minerals (Wall Street Journal)
Travel industry wooing tourists from India (Time)
India needs talks for Assam’s peace by Aruni Kashyap (Guardian)

5-19-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:

Senior U.S. officials hold security talks in Pakistan (BBC News)

U.S. pressure on Pakistan may risk terrorist backlash (McClatchy)

Pakistan considers new role for army chief (Financial Times)
Pakistan urges India to join Iran gas network (Financial Times)
How the White House learned to love the drone (Reuters)

Pakistan Taliban claim retaliatory bombing (Christian Science Monitor)

Pakistan court orders block of facebook (Reuters)
Brennan says special interrogation team questioning Shahzad (NPR)
Pakistan arrests army officer linked to Times Square suspect (Los Angeles Times)
Times Square suspect eyed other targets (CNN)
Punjab Home Dept. adds security for Hafiz Saeed (Geo)
NAB prosecutor sacked on court’s orders (Express Tribune)
Musharraf says he’ll appear before court if summoned (Express Tribune)
Gilani promises special aid package for FATA (Express Tribune)
Boosting Pak-India trade a must says Mukherjee (The News)
Zardari forms committee to thrash out issues (The News)
UN provides Pakistan with list of wanted terrorists (The News)
Counterinsurgency gone bad by Morton Abramowitz & Sasha Pippengar (The National Interest)
Punjabi Taliban (Dawn)
Presidential pardon (Daily Times)

Top stories:
Taliban attack Bagram air base (New York Times)
  • Also: Contractor is killed in attack on base (Washington Post)
  • Also: Afghan insurgents killed in base attack (Reuters)
  • Also: U.S. downplays significance of assault (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Taliban up the ante with Bagram attack (Time)
Other stories:

Grim milestone: 1,000 Americans dead in Afghanistan (New York Times)
Illiteracy, corruption hamper Afghan police (Reuters)
U.S. hires Afghan farmers to hold off Taliban (Wall Street Journal)
British Afghan mission to come under U.S. control (The Independent)
Search resumes for missing passenger plane (BBC News)
War funding and the House that Murtha built (Foreign Policy)
China and India could fill gap left by U.S. withdrawal (The National)
Karzai’s brother accused of influence-peddling (Associated Press)
Why the West Wing’s Afghan strategy review makes me uneasy by Peter Feaver (Foreign Policy)
Aid, Afghanistan, and helpful hearsay by Robert Fox (Guardian)
Local contours of security in Afghanistan by Prakhar Sharma (Stimson Center)

Other stories:
India 3G auction raises $14 billion (Financial Times)
India goes backward on caste by Barun Mitra (Wall Street Journal)

5-18-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
U.S. to press Pakistan on bomb plot inquiry (New York Times)
  • Also: Panetta, Jones to meet with officials in Pakistan (Washington Post)
Zardari pardons Rehman Malik (BBC News)

Bomb kills Pakistani police officer (New York Times)
Suicide attack kills 11 in northwest (Associated Press)
Pakistani students arrested in anti-terror raids can stay in UK (Guardian)
Balochistan universities close after clashes (Express Tribune)
Foreign Office summons U.S. officials over visa delays (Express Tribune)
47 militants killed in Orakzai clashes (Dawn)
Kayani says roots of terror removed from Swat, Malakand (Dawn)
Al Qaeda’s push to unify the jihad by Mary Habeck (Foreign Policy)
Culture of corruption (Daily Times)
Campus battlegrounds (Dawn)
Ground realities (Dawn)

Top stories:
Suicide car bomber hits U.S. convoy in Kabul (New York Times)
Other stories:
In Afghanistan’s north, ex-warlord offers security (New York Times)
NATO says night raid killed insurgents; residents say civilians (Washington Post)
Kabul’s street photographers fade into history (Associated Press)
Search continues for downed Afghan passenger plane (Associated Press)
Opium addiction fuels Afghan chaos (BBC News)
Kandahar offensive now in the slow lane (Christian Science Monitor)
A “Sunni awakening” not so easy in Afghanistan (Time)
Can the U.S. learn to live with Karzai? (Time)
Afghan report links president’s brother to illegal land grabs (McClatchy)
Hundreds more trainers in Afghanistan may be needed (Reuters)
Afghanistan debate: John Nagl v. Peter Galbraith (The Economist)

Cameron must think again on Afghanistan by Philip Stephens (Financial Times)
Fiction wrestles with the Taliban by Taylor Antrim (Daily Beast)
The importance of the Wolesi Jirga election and local political networks by Noah Coburn (AREU)

Other stories:
India counts civilians among dead in Maoist attack (New York Times)
India to consider airstrikes against Maoist rebels (Associated Press)
  • Also: India reviews anti-Maoist policy (BBC News)
Should India worry about China’s “string of pearls”? (BBC News)
War between Chidambaram and civil society by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)
India’s fake drugs are real problem by Roger Bate (Wall Street Journal)

5-17-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Zardari faces legal challenge (Reuters)
For Shahzad, long roots of discontent (New York Times)
  • Also: Emails paint Shahzad as frustrated Muslim (CNN)
  • Also: What we know about Taliban link to Times Square (The Atlantic)
American al Qaeda: The story of Bryant Neal Vinas (CNN)
  • Also: From Long Island to Lahore (CNN)
Evacuations start amid fears of Pakistan lake burst (Reuters)
One soldier, 19 Taliban killed in Orakzai (Reuters)
Five more hostages freed in Kurram (BBC News)
TTP commander Hanif Gabol surrenders (Express Tribune)
Agro-industry in Pakistan finally taking off (Express Tribune)
Economy grows 4% in current fiscal year (Express Tribune)
Pakistanis suffered most displacement in 2009 (Dawn)
PM wants accountability of NRO architect (Daily Times)
Chinese company given contract for major sugar import (Daily Times)
Punjab police acknowledge Taliban activity in province (The News)
JI for talks with Taliban to counter U.S. pressure (The News)

Balochistan rethink needed (Dawn)

Pakistan vs. India – the widening gap by Yadegar Zaveri (Express Tribune)

Women and the Taliban by Kashmali Khan (Express Tribune)
Powerless Pakistan by Charles Ebinger & Kashif Hasnie (Dawn)
Reinventing dialogue by Sherry Rehman (Dawn)
American arrogance by Javed Hussain (Dawn)
The Clinton statement by Shahzad Chaudhry (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Combat generation: trying to work with an Afghan insurgent (Washington Post)
Afghan violence blocks reconstruction plan (Wall Street Journal)

Farmers say Taliban hold sway in Marja (New York Times)
Sign of Afghan addiction may also be its remedy (New York Times)
Passenger flight crashes in Hindu Kush mountains (New York Times)
Fences mended, Washington and Kabul look for path forward (Foreign Policy)
NATO unveils draft of new mission statement (Associated Press)
Pro-peace Muslim cleric is assassinated (Associated Press)
Opium blight fuels anti-government suspicion (Reuters)
Suicide attackers target Kandahar police (AFP)
Suicide bomber strikes Afghan border police (Associated Press)
U.S. releases Afghan prisoners in bid to mend relations (McClatchy)
Afghan army pays its dues in blood (Times of London)
In pictures: life in Badakhshan (BBC News)

The Afghan gamble by Peter Beinart (Daily Beast)
Inside the Obama war room (book excerpt) by Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)
Nation building is a luxury in Afghanistan by John Bolton (Times of London)
The gangs of Kandahar – the city’s real power? by Stephen Grey (Channel 4)
Agriculture is secret weapon in Afghanistan by Tom Vilsack & Mohammad Asif Rahimi (USA Today)
Killer fungus no mystery to Afghan poppy growers by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

NATO 2020: Assured Security, Dynamic Engagement (NATO Group of Experts)

Other stories:
Lion conservation success story turns into political issue (Washington Post)
India successfully launches Agni-II ballistic missile (BBC News)
Many dead in India bus attack (BBC News)
India’s failing counterinsurgency campaign by Anuj Chopra (Foreign Policy)

How the iPad model can work in India by Alok Mittal (Wall Street Journal)
India-China competition dims hopes for regional cooperation by Harsh Pant (Japan Times)
ISI and buried truths about Mumbai by Praveen Swami (The Hindu)

5-14-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Pakistan arrests man who says he aided Shahzad (Washington Post)
  • Also: Three in custody may have supported bomber (New York Times)
  • Also: Pakistan detainee claims he is bomber accomplice (AFP)
  • Also: FBI arrests three in bomb inquiry (BBC News)
Failed NY bombing raises U.S.-Pakistan tensions (Foreign Policy)

Pakistan Taliban say America will “burn” (Reuters)
Taliban find safe haven in Karachi (Reuters)
Pakistan faces perils of anti-Taliban offensive (Time)

Landslide and lake force evacuations (New York Times)
Chile says Pakistani detainee not linked to NY bomb (New York Times)
Skirmish at Afghan-Pakistan border (Al Jazeera)
Court acquits men accused of militant attacks (BBC News)
Supreme Court summons law minister (Express Tribune)
Holbrooke calls Qureshi about Karzai visit (Express Tribune)
Court orders police to confiscate Musharraf’s assets (Express Tribune)
U.S. hands over Hamesh Khan to NAB (Daily Times)
Pakistan and Afghanistan close to transit deal (Daily Times)
ANP leader gunned down in Karachi (Daily Times)
Pakistan, China agree on nuclear assistance (The News)
U.S. wants Pak offensive against Haqqani network (The News)
Can we revoke Shahzad’s citizenship? by Peter Schuck (Wall Street Journal)
Can Pakistan be secular? by Gautam Adhikari (Times of India)
What next after Swat military operation? by Zubair Torwali (Express Tribune)
Pakistan’s ideological blowback by Shibil Siddiqi (Express Tribune)
A conspiracy of silence? (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Leaders put different face on Afghan drive (New York Times)
At U.S.-Afghan meetings, talk of nuts and bolts (New York Times)
America makes up with wayward Afghan leader (Economist)
Karzai ends visit with promises to deliver (BBC News)
Karzai presses U.S. on Kandahar plan (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Karzai says issue of brother is “resolved” (Reuters)
  • Also: Clinton says U.S. will not destroy Kandahar to save it (BBC News)
  • Also: U.S. efforts in Kandahar already faltering (McClatchy)
  • Also: Murders rattle Kandahar, thwart drive to restore government (McClatchy)
Afghans protest deadly U.S. raid (New York Times)
  • Also: Raid in Nangarhar spark protests (BBC News)
  • Also: Protest turns violent, one dead (Reuters)
Transcript of Pentagon news briefing with Gen. McChrystal (Dept. of Defense)

Clinton says Afghan women’s rights will not be sacrificed (Associated Press)
Karzai to visit U.S. troops heading to Afghanistan (AFP)
Senate panel approves money for Afghan, Iraq wars (Reuters)
Afghan war costs now outpace Iraq’s (USA Today)
Analysts express skepticism over reintegration efforts (Reuters)
Mysterious “white Taliban” strike fear in village hearts (Times of London)

Can Obama save his Afghan surge? by Jackson Diehl (Washington Post)

Other stories:
In India, hitching hopes on a subway (New York Times)
Violence surges in Indian Kashmir after decline (Associated Press)
Environment minister to keep position (Wall Street Journal)
Will there be an Indian Harvard? by Sudip Mazumdar (Foreign Policy)
India’s urban awakening (McKinsey Global Institute)

5-13-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Indian external affairs minister will travel to Islamabad (New York Times)
Senators demand tighter rules on no-fly list (New York Times)

State Dept. hasn’t decided whether to label TTP as terrorist group (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: U.S. mulls adding Pakistan Taliban to list (AFP)
  • Also: U.S. weighs official designation for Taliban (Newsweek)
  • Also: Democrats want Pak Taliban on list (Politico)
Pakistan textile workers rally (Wall Street Journal)
Drone attacks killed at least 24 suspected militants (Financial Times)
Taliban kill two alleged U.S. spies in northwest (Associated Press)
Pakistani still in custody in Chile (New York Times)
Pakistan’s Iran envoy attacked in Tehran (BBC News)
Pakistani official says government did not arrest Mullah Omar (Foreign Policy)
The spread of homegrown terrorism (CNN)
Pakistan’s elite yet to pay their taxes (Express Tribune)
Inflation hits three-month high (Express Tribune)
Holbrooke clarifies Clinton’s remarks (Express Tribune)
Musharraf claims 200,000 fans on Facebook (Express Tribune)
Government asks Wazir elders to expel Mehsud Taliban (Daily Times)
International smuggling syndicate is exposed (The News)
World Bank spell out 10-point strategy for Pakistan (The News)
The making of a terrorist by Robert Wright (New York Times)
The straw-man terrorists by Sadanand Dhume (Wall Street Journal)
Balochistan, a flawed policy by Sanaullah Baloch (Dawn)
Jihadi infrastructure (Dawn)
Change of tone (Daily Times)

Top stories:
Karzai in Washington, smiles all around (New York Times)
Other stories:

Karzai and Obama: whose strategy for Afghan endgame? (Time)
U.S. turns on charm to secure Karzai’s support for new offensive (The Independent)

Hezb-i-Islami rejects draft peace proposal offering exile (Reuters)
Taliban claims killing of Afghan prison official (Associated Press)
Afghan army riddled with corruption and feuding (McClatchy)
New UK foreign secretary says Afghanistan is top priority (Reuters)
Pelosi tries to find votes to fund Afghan war (Fox News)
A fence-mending agenda for Obama and Karzai by Zalmay Khalilzad (Washington Post)
The evil of lesser evilism by Maureen Dowd (New York Times)
Committed to Karzai (Los Angeles Times)
Karzai like a fox by Michael Hirsh (Newsweek)
Karzai’s White House welcome is a facade by Olivia Hampton (Guardian)
Stop buying off the Afghans by Vanda Felbab-Brown (Brookings)
Governance in Afghanistan (Center for American Progress)
Prospects for Security & Political Reconciliation in Afghanistan (Belfer Center)

Other stories:
India eyes pact with China to save tigers (Financial Times)
Steep rise in India’s greenhouse gas emissions (BBC News)