Pakistani Troops Still Missing | PakPulse 6-17-10

In Press Roundup on June 17, 2010 at 2:50 pm


Pakistan troops are missing after attack (Associated Press)

  • Also: Army searches for dozens of soldiers (BBC News)

U.S. showed Pakistan evidence on role of Haqqani network (Reuters)

Punjab government gave $1 million to Jamaat-ud-Dawa (BBC News)

Operation against banned outfits reportedly launched in Punjab (Express Tribune)

China says Pakistan nuclear deal is “peaceful” (BBC News)

Why the Ahmadi community is officially detested (BBC News)

U.S. officials meet with American bin Laden hunter (Associated Press)

Targeted killings claim three more in Karachi (Express Tribune)

Pak-U.S. dialogue on water crisis continues (Express Tribune)

Pakistan seeking U.S. helicopters and other equipment (Express Tribune)

U.S. assures help in overcoming Pakistan’s energy shortfall (Daily Times)


Haqqani talks? (Dawn)


Military and Pentagon leaders urge patience for Afghan mission (New York Times)

Afghan mineral wealth may be even greater: $3 trillion (Associated Press)

Taliban can keep weapons under new peace initiative (Wall Street Journal)

Experts say U.S. has no long-term strategy in Afghanistan (McClatchy)

In Kandahar, a battle for hearts and minds (NPR)

Kandahar residents wary of promises to fix problems (Reuters)

Taliban attack police in southeast (Associated Press)

In an Afghan valley of death, good news – for now (Time)

Interview with Abdul Salam Zaeef on Taliban perspective (ABC News)

Karzai set for talks with Japan (BBC News)

Afghan anti-graft body to publish officials’ assets (Reuters)

New geological survey points to water problems in Kabul (Reuters)

New York Times fights back on Afghan mineral scoop (Daily Beast)

Canadian Liberal leader calls for Afghan training past 2011 (CBC News)

Valley of death: one platoon’s tour of duty – film review (New York Times)

Opium in Afghanistan – photo essay (New York Times)

Afghanistan through teenagers’ eyes – photo essay (Foreign Policy)


The Afghan roller coaster (Washington Post)

A waiting game to outlast the Obama administration by George F. Will (Washington Post)

Engage America’s friends on Afghanistan by G. Parthasarathy (Wall Street Journal)

Afghanistan’s most important resource by Carl Schramm, Robert Litan & Dane Stangler (Wall Street Journal)

Obama’s mixed Afghanistan messages by Doyle McManus (Los Angeles Times)

The tragic death of Haji Abdul Jabar by James Traub (Foreign Policy)

Obama’s big Afghan dilemma by Joe Klein (Time)

Five ways Obama can fix Afghanistan by Leslie Gelb (Daily Beast)

The Afghan gold rush by Bruce Riedel (Daily Beast)

Rethinking an uncertain case for war by Anthony Cordesman (CSIS)

NATO rethinks mission, perhaps too reluctantly (Christian Science Monitor)

Captured by the Taliban by Jere Van Dyk (Newsweek)


Prying open India’s vast bureaucracy (New York Times)

India hopes monsoon will tame inflation (Financial Times)

Indian community torn apart by honor killings (BBC News)


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