$1 Trillion in Afghan Minerals | PakPulse 6-14-10

In Press Roundup on June 14, 2010 at 10:56 am

Afghanistan reportedly has mineral resources worth $1 trillion

Report details role of Pakistan intelligence agency in Afghanistan (New York Times)

  • Also: Pakistan denies allegations of meddling (Reuters)
  • Also: Spy agency said to collaborate with Taliban (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistan minister sacked over drunken brawl (BBC News)

Religious parties fail to revive MMA (Express Tribune)

Third round of Pak-U.S. talks on June 24 (Express Tribune)

McChrystal holds talks with Kayani (Dawn)

Hafiz Saeed rubs shoulders with Lahore party chiefs (Dawn)

Pakistan buying time in North Waziristan (Daily Times)


The cloud in the sky by Huma Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)

Al Qaeda after al-Yazid by Bruce Riedel (Jamestown Foundation)

Anti-terrorism laws (Dawn)


Top stories:

U.S. identifies vast mineral riches in Afghanistan (New York Times)

  • Also: Mineral deposits could be worth $1 trillion (Reuters)
  • Also: Afghanistan’s vast resources untapped (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:

U.S. adopts reintegration strategy to subdue insurgency (Washington Post)

In Kandahar visit, Karzai outlines anti-Taliban plan
(New York Times)

U.S. backs Karzai on security (Wall Street Journal)

NATO reveals new command structure in Afghanistan

18 Afghan police killed in insurgent attacks (Reuters)

Officials say insurgency is growing in southwest (Associated Press)

Interview with Abdul Salam Zaeef (BBC News)

UN says nearly 6,000 Afghan children smuggled into Europe last year (Associated Press)


Taking stock in Afghanistan (New York Times)

A surge of problems in Afghanistan by Jackson Diehl (Washington Post)

America’s forgotten war by Peter Beinart (Daily Beast)


The Wolesi Jirga in 2010: Pre-election politics and the opposition by M. Hassan Wafaey (AREU)

Consolidating private security companies in southern Afghanistan by Kimberly Kagan & Carl Forsberg (ISW)


Boat capsizes on Ganges, 35 feared dead (Associated Press)

Indian inflation rate rises to two year high (BBC News)


Let’s talk some strategy by Gautam Adhikari (Times of India)


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