Drone Strike in North Waziristan | PakPulse 6-11-10

In Press Roundup on June 11, 2010 at 8:13 am

15 militants have reportedly been killed in North Waziristan's main town, Miran Shah


U.S. missile strikes reportedly kill 15 near border (Associated Press)

  • Also: Drones target North Waziristan (BBC News)

Pakistani Taliban claim NATO convoy attacks (BBC News)

Tribal Pakistan is “rights-free zone” (BBC News)

State persecution and Pakistan‘s Ahmadi sect (The Economist)

Pakistan embraces the sexual fringe (Newsweek)

Recent spate of violence kills five in Karachi (Express Tribune)

Pakistan aims to provide trade route to Central Asia (Express Tribune)

Military hardware request is on U.S. agenda (Express Tribune)

Pakistan urges talks on Iran nuclear issue (Dawn)

PML-N to support 18th amendment (Dawn)

Pakistan, Russia to consolidate anti-terror cooperation (The News)


Pakistan‘s new networks of terror by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)

Reasons for an operation in south Punjab by Farhat Taj (Express Tribune)


What Marja tells us of battles yet to come (New York Times)

U.S. offensive stalls in Kandahar (Wall Street Journal)

McChrystal forecasts slower pace in Afghan war (New York Times)

The Afghan government’s fraying unity (The Economist)

Militia is said to be target of Afghan wedding attack (New York Times)

McChrystal probes Helmand lessons (Financial Times)

Two U.S. troops, eleven Afghan civilians killed in south (Associated Press)

NATO secretary-general warns Afghan success not yet assured (Reuters)

Cameron visits British troops in Afghanistan (Financial Times)

Taliban hone hit-and-run, assassination tactics (Christian Science Monitor)

New plan to woo Taliban could harm villages (Christian Science Monitor)

As violence escalates, U.S. presses NATO allies (NPR)


Cameron and Karzai by James Landale (BBC News)

If Afghanistan seems violent now, just wait by Andrew Bast (Newsweek)

All silent on the lefty front by Michael Cohen (The New Republic)

Crises converge: oil spill and Afghanistan by Will Inboden (Foreign Policy)

Scholar soldiers in Afghanistan are on dangerous terrain by James Denselow (Guardian)

Afghanistan: all in the mind (Guardian)


The valley at the center of the Kashmir insurgency (BBC News)

India relaxes citizenship norms for Pakistanis (Express Tribune)

The perilous arithmetic of caste discrimination (The Economist)


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