Public Execution in N. Waziristan | PakPulse 6-8-10

In Press Roundup on June 8, 2010 at 9:42 am

Taliban hold public execution in North Waziristan


Pakistan says Taliban leaders fled outside Af-Pak (Dawn)

Pakistan’s Punjab “in denial” over local militants (Reuters)

Targeted operations to start in Punjab, says Malik (Express Tribune)

Taliban hold public execution in North Waziristan (Reuters)

Holbrooke visit to Pakistan canceled (Dawn)

Clinton due next month for U.S.-Pak strategic dialogue (Daily Times)

MMA to be reunified? (Express Tribune)

Key Taliban leaders have fled region, says Qureshi (Express Tribune)

Tariff raised for Karachi electricity consumers (Dawn)

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey to enhance cooperation (Daily Times)

PML-N decides to defend 18th amendment (The News)

Cyclone Phet kills 10 in Pakistan (AFP)


In Pakistan’s own backyard by Saba Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)


NATO suffers deadliest day this year in Afghanistan (AFP)

US urges Afghanistan to detail Taliban reintegration plan (AFP)

US takes greater command role in Afghanistan (WSJ)

US trainers shape new ‘face’ for Kandahar police (AFP)

Afghanistan: looking for a few good cops in Marjah (Time)

Karzai’s isolation worries Afghans and the West (New York Times)

U.S. takes greater command role in Afghanistan (Wall Street Journal)

Ex-intel chief Saleh opposed Karzai peace plan (Reuters)

  • Also: Afghan papers ponder ministerial resignations (BBC News)

Afghan troops fear life after foreign pullout (Reuters)

U.S. urges Afghanistan to detail reintegration plan (AFP)

What now in Afghanistan’s crucial year? (BBC News)

Afghanistan not longest U.S. war, says Holbrooke (NPR)

Holbrooke says more reintegration funds expected (Daily Times)

UK to deport child asylum seekers to Afghanistan (Guardian)


An urgent call for Afghan trainers by John Tanner (Wall Street Journal)

One of the worst places on Earth for women by Cesar Chelala (Japan Times)

Afghanistan’s troubles far from over by Robert Weiner & Jonathan Battaglia (Washington Times)


Major problems surface for Indian Army (WSJ)

India’s welfare gamble: add100 million to the rolls (WSJ)

PM Singh renews Kashmir talks offer (BBC News)

India increases its lead in road fatalities (New York Times)

Painfully slow justice over Bhopal (Financial Times)


Awaiting the monsoon by Ranjani Iyer Mohanty (Int’l Herald Tribune)


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