High Level Resignations in Afghanistan | PakPulse 6-7-10

In Press Roundup on June 7, 2010 at 6:03 pm

Atmar and Saleh's resignations follow reports that Kazrzai blamed them for attacks dring last week's peace jirga.


Ex-major’s loyalties embody Pakistan’s jihad woes (Associated Press)

No extremist crackdown likely in Punjab province (McClatchy)

Iran, Pakistan sign pipeline accord (UPI)

BBC to move court against ban on bulletins (Daily Times)

Pakistan to cut cabinet salaries (Financial Times)

Pakistan to increase defense spending by 17% (BBC News)

Storm batters Pakistan, leaves 7 dead (Associated Press)

U.S. delegation to meet with military leadership today (Daily Times)

Life regains normalcy in Karachi (Express Tribune)

Pakistan, Afghan envoys in Madrid to discuss peace (Express Tribune)

Foreign ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan to meet in Turkey (Dawn)

21 killed as militant groups clash in Khyber (Express Tribune)

Inflation remains biggest challenge for government (Express Tribune)

Iran hopes to finalize Pakistan pipeline deal (Dawn)


Loss of moneyman a big blow for al Qaeda by Stuart Levey (Washington Post)

Pakistan’s Ahmadi killings and the conscience of a nation (Reuters Blog)

Pakistan’s heatwave and deadly lack of energy policy by Nosheen Iqbal (Guardian)

Pakistan’s mixed blessings by Mustafa Qadri (Guardian)

U.S. strategy: next step? by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)

Pakistan already playing its role against terror by Asad Munir (Express Tribune)

Art of the possible (Daily Times)

Punjab, the new FATA by Ali Chishti (Daily Times)


Karzai forces out two top security officials (New York Times)

Karzai gets his mandate at peace jirga (Wall Street Journal)

Convoy guards face an investigation (New York Times)

With U.S. aid, warlord builds Afghan empire (New York Times)

Afghan heroin took million lives last decade: Russia (AFP)

Afghan forces: armed farces (Time)

Affluent Afghans make their homes in poppy palaces (Washington Post)

Afghan troops overrated, audit to show (Financial Times)

Interview with Holbrooke on political solution (Reuters)

Sons’ choices sow peril for Afghan farmer (Los Angeles Times)

Above Afghan valley, a constant scanning for bombs (Los Angeles Times)

In Arghandab, platoon’s morning shattered by blast (Los Angeles Times)

Karzai orders review of Afghan detentions (Reuters)

Gates seeks to shore up Afghan supply chain (Reuters)

Gates confident on British Afghanistan commitment (Reuters)

Suicide bombers attack Afghan police compound (Associated Press)

U.S. soldier charged over three Afghan civilian deaths (BBC News)


The new Gitmo? (Washington Post)

Eyes on Helmand (Financial Times)

A three-pronged approach to anti-corruption by Cheryl Benard & Elvira Loredo (Christian Science Monitor)

Afghanistan’s fluffy peace jirga by Caroline Wadhams (Foreign Policy)

Constructive COIN by Eli Berman et al. (Foreign Affairs)

Keeping boots on the ground (Globe and Mail)

Only way out is exit (The Hindu)


Indian court convicts 7 in Bhopal disaster (New York Times)

Roots in Kashmir tug Hindus home (New York Times)

Reliance of India approves plan to sell 26% stake (New York Times)

Singh begins Kashmir visit (BBC News)

India’s rent-a-womb industry faces restrictions (Time)


The unending tragedy of Bhopal by Soutik Biswas (BBC News)


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