U.S. “Special Ops” to triple in Pakistan | PakPulse 6-4-10

In Press Roundup on June 4, 2010 at 8:45 am

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. will expand Special Operations deployment in Pakistan

U.S. special operations expand globally; hopes to triple

Pakistan deployment (Washington Post)

Malik says law enforcement agencies to crack down on militants (Associated Press)

NATO, Pakistan seek to boost non-military ties (AFP)

EU seeks better ties with Pakistan (Hindustan Times)

Ahmadi sect pleads for help after killings (AFP)

Afghan shells reportedly hit Pakistani village (Dawn)

Tribe vows to dispel Mehsud militants (Express Tribune)

Rise in defense spending; subsidies to be cut (Express Tribune)

Punjab government to close NATO terminals over security (Daily Times)


Terror in the Punjab heartland by Ahmed Rashid (New York Review of Books)

The rupture by Paul Cruickshank (Foreign Policy)

Fighting militancy with music by Daniyal Noorani (Foreign Policy)


Afghan gathering agrees to peace moves with Taliban (Reuters)

Old and new mingle at Afghan peace jirga (Reuters)

Afghanistan‘s secretive new sport (Time)

Direct attacks ebb, IEDs on rise in east (AFP)

Afghan police corruption fuels insurgency (Telegraph)

Coalition casualties in Afghanistan – map (CNN)

Canadian MPs say post-2011 deployment possible (CBC News)


Iraq and Afghanistan: Who is an enemy combatant? by Samuel Issacharoff (Los Angeles Times)

America‘s skewed national security priorities by Andrew Bacevich (Boston Globe)

The Afghan jungle’s big beasts by Kate Clark (Foreign Policy)

The peace jirga by Richard Weitz (The National Interest)


Obama announces visit to India in November (Washington Post)

The real news from the India summit (Foreign Policy)

Communists suffer setback in West Bengal (BBC News)

India hopes to build bridges with Pakistan (Daily Times)


Partnership of democracies by Hillary Clinton (Times of India)

What should be Obama’s “Bukhara“? by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)


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