UN drone report won’t stop drones | PakPulse 6-3-10

In Press Roundup on June 3, 2010 at 8:48 am

Drone attacks in Pakistan have expanded greatly during the Obama Presidency

Official admits militancy has deep roots in Pakistan (New York Times)
  • Also: Extremists grow stronger in settled areas (The Economist)
Pakistan rules out offensive against Punjab militants (BBC News)
UN report highly critical of U.S. drone attacks (New York Times)
Pakistan, India warn of cyclone’s approach (Associated Press)
Pakistan central bank governor resigns (BBC News)
Pakistani law and disorder – interview with Asma Jahangir (Newsweek)
JUI-F chief attempts to revive MMA (Dawn)
Taliban bank robbers arrested in Karachi (Express Tribune)
Fearing operation, militants flee North Waziristan (Express Tribune)
Recommendations for Pak-India dialogue finalized (Dawn)
Residents say Taliban still rule half of Orakzai (Daily Times)
Three is the loneliest number by Bruce Riedel (Foreign Policy)
Inside the Haqqani network by Anand Gopal et al. (Foreign Policy)
Report of the Special Rapporteur, Study on Targeted Killings (UN Human Rights Council)


Differences remain at Afghan peace conference (Associated Press)
Afghan elders debate an opening to Taliban (Reuters)
  • Also: Afghan leaders to debate how to bring peace (AFP)
Fighting on Afghans’ behalf (The Economist)
Eight Afghan civilians killed in fighting, bombing (Associated Press)
Peace jirga’s unlikely critics: victims of war crimes (Christian Science Monitor)
Afghan women struggle for rights (BBC News)
Troops capture Taliban “governor” in Baghlan (CNN)
Afghan army recruitment on the rise (Telegraph)
Is Afghanistan “medieval”? by Thomas Barfield (Foreign Policy)
Why Afghanistan’s jirga will fail by Thomas Ruttig (Foreign Policy)
Afghanistan at peace, except for the war (Guardian)
Assessing peace prospects in Afghanistan by Caroline Wadhams & Colin Cookman (CAP)
U.S.-Karzai marriage of convenience by S.P. Seth (Daily Times)


State Dept. hosts high-level meetings with India (Washington Post)
Who’s in charge of India policy? (Foreign Policy)
Congress approves sale of C-17 aircraft to India (Daily Times)
India’s bureaucracy “most stifling” in the world (BBC News)
Why are Indian kids so good at spelling? (Slate)

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