Who will be Al Qaeda’s new no. 3? | PakPulse 6-2-10

In Press Roundup on June 2, 2010 at 9:27 am

Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid is one of 10 reported Al Qaeda no. 3s killed in the last decade.

U.S. has few options for Pakistan-linked attack (Associated Press)
Al Qaeda again forced to fill risky no. 3 post (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Death of al Qaeda’s no. 3, what does it mean? (Newsweek)
Dozen militants killed in Orakzai (AFP)
Malik says Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Lashkar-e-Taiba attacked Lahore (Express Tribune)
Cyclone to hit Karachi on Friday (Express Tribune)
Power tariffs may be increased by 7% (Express Tribune)
Economy expected to grow 4.1% this year (Express Tribune)
Malik warns Punjabi Taliban preparing for attack (Dawn)
Kayani seeks tribal elders’ help for peace (The News)
Another terror war success (Wall Street Journal)
The war on terror comes to Punjab by Farooq Hameed Khan (Wall Street Journal)
Does killing terrorists prevent terrorism? by Ben Adler (Newsweek)
Facebook and the future of free speech in Pakistan by Madiha Tahir (Foreign Affairs)
Laying down the law in Pakistan by Kathryn Allawala (Foreign Affairs)
Pak-China security cooperation by Rashid Ahmad (Daily Times)


Taliban attacks shake Afghan peace gathering (New York Times)
Afghanistan charts a path to reconciliation (Wall Street Journal)
For Karzai, peace meeting is chance to regain legitimacy (Washington Post)
Can a jirga without rebel leaders bring peace? (BBC News)
Afghan police earn poor grade for Marja mission (New York Times)
Britain pressures Karzai government to assume responsibility (Guardian)
Strategy vs. tactics in Afghanistan by Ann Marlowe (Wall Street Journal)
Let Cameron hasten the end of our absurd Afghan war by Simon Jenkins (Guardian)


India visit a chance to bolster ties, overcome stumbles (Foreign Policy)
India government ally wins in West Bengal poll (Associated Press)
India sets conditions for Maoist talks (BBC News)
Who was behind India’s terrorist derailment? (Time)
Promoting strategic dialogue by John Kerry (Times of India)
Indian students and the strangulating state by Barun Mitra (Wall Street Journal)


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