Al Qeda No. 3 Reported Dead | PakPulse 6-1-10

In Press Roundup on June 1, 2010 at 7:55 am

Strike in Pakistan is said to kill top al Qaeda leader

Strike in Pakistan is said to kill top al Qaeda leader (New York Times)
Other stories:

Four dead in attack on Pakistan hospital (New York Times)
Pakistani official promises to protect Ahmadi sect (Associated Press)
Soft target for militants in Lahore (BBC News)
Pakistan releases army major arrested in link to NYC plot (Los Angeles Times)
Texas jury convicts Pakistani of conspiring to support Taliban (CNN)
Interview with President Zardari (Newsweek)
Anti-Israel protest in Karachi turns violent (Express Tribune)
Police investigate plot to assassinate Hafiz Saeed (Express Tribune)
Holbrooke assures safe return of Pakistani nationals (Express Tribune)
Pakistan, India meet over Indus water (Express Tribune)
Pakistan and India closer to deal on two power projects (Daily Times)
Pakistan to figure in U.S.-India dialogue (Dawn)
Revisiting the constitution by Basit Riaz Sheikh (Express Tribune)
Questionable restrictions by Jawed Naqvi (Dawn)
The state of the Pakistani economy by Ishtiaq Ahmed (Daily Times)
Taliban driven from northeastern Afghan district (New York Times)
Taliban scorn Afghan national peace conference (Associated Press)
Afghanistan’s jirga is a centuries-old institution (Reuters)
NATO report finds training of Afghan forces improved (Washington Post)
Afghanistan suspends two aid groups (New York Times)
Reaching out to Afghan women (slideshow) (New York Times)
U.S. takes command of UK troops in Afghanistan (BBC News)
Canadian commander in Afghanistan sacked (BBC News)
Kandahar insurgents drag NATO into “green hell” (The Independent)
Terror linked alleged as Saudi millions flow to Afghanistan (Times of London)
The states of war by Michael O’Hanlon et al. (New York Times)
Backward at Bagram (New York Times)
Getting past the Afghan blame game by Zalmay Khalilzad & John Sullivan (Real Clear World)
Interpreting Afghanistan by H.D.S. Greenway (Boston Globe)
Helmand is a British success by Doug Beattie (Times of London)
India’s strong, well-balanced recovery (The Economist)
Maoist group denies involvement in train crash (New York Times)
Has rush to grow made Indian air travel unsafe? (Time)

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