Facebook Ban Lifted, Mostly | PakPulse 5-31-10

In Press Roundup on May 31, 2010 at 10:35 am

While Pakistan may have lifted the blanket Facebook ban, certain pages remain hidden


4 dead in attack on hospital in Pakistan (NYT)
U.S. presses Pakistan for more data on travelers (NYT)
Pakistani court orders access to Facebook restored (NYT)

Pakistan lifts Facebook ban, but blasphemous pages stay hidden (Guardian)

Arrests made over Pakistan mosque attacks (Times)
Pakistan home to more refugees than Africa (Newsweek)
Mullen pleased with Pakistan assistance against Taliban (Express Tribune)
Malik sees terror roots in southern Punjab (Daily Times)

Drone wars by Christine Fair (Foreign Policy)
The truth about drones by Fawaz Gerges (Newsweek)
Fazlullah’s death and its impact by Ayaz Wazir (Express Tribune)
The need for reforms in FATA by Ammar Zafarullah (Express Tribune)
North Waziristan operation (Daily Times)
Friend or foe? (Dawn)

A tragic day for a faith under siege (NYT Blog)

Top stories

Strike said to kill a top Al Qaeda Leader (NYT)

Al Qaeda No. 3 Yazid Reported Killed by US Drone (WP)

Other stories

Afghan and U.S. forces begin to reclaim remote area from Taliban (NYT)

In Afghanistan, a long-delayed national talk (LAT)

U.S. Commands UK Afghanistan Forces (BBC)
In Nawa, U.S. spreads the cash to fight the Taliban (WP)
Taliban push Afghan police out of valley (NYT)
Drone operators are faulted in Afghan deaths (NYT)

Report faults drone crew and ground commanders (LAT)

Dissension breaks out among Taliban top ranks (Newsweek)
Afghan child brides escape marriage, but not lashes (NYT)
German president resigns over remarks he made in Afghanistan (NYT)
U.S. troops in Afghanistan mark Memorial Day (AP)
Battalion among hardest hit in Afghan war (AP)
Two Christian aid groups suspended in Afghanistan (AP)

The States of War by Ian Livingston… (NYT)

The great unknowns by Robert M. Poole (NYT)
What we remember on Memorial Day (LAT)
Can Obama’s team of rivals bring Afghan success? by David Ignatius (WP)
Life lessons the Afghan war taught me by J. Mark Jackson (WP)
Soldiers’ small talk in the Afghan war by Greg Jaffe (WP)
The foregone conclusion in Kandahar by Robert Haddick (Foreign Policy)
Growing wings in Afghanistan by Andrew Best (Newsweek)
Don’t listen to experts on Afghanistan by Masood Aziz (Daily Beast)
Vietnam minus the jungle by Peter Presten (Guardian)

Pakistan to figure in U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue (Dawn)

India train crash death toll rises (WSJ)
India plans $11 billion infrastructure fund (WSJ)
India GDP expands 8.6% (WSJ)


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