PakPulse 5-29&30-10

In Press Roundup on May 30, 2010 at 6:12 pm


Pakistan: 7 Arrested Over Link to Sect Attackers (AP)

Pakistan Taliban Carried Out Attack on Lahore Mosques, Police Say (NYT)

Slaughter in Lahore Linked to Taliban (FT)

Lashkar-i-Jhangvi Connection Traced to Lahore Attacks (Express Tribune)

Rehman Malik Blames South Punjab Outfits (Express Tribune)

Death Toll Rises to 98 in Pakistan Attacks (CNN)

Lahore Mourns (Dawn Media Gallery)

Punjab to Set Up Anti-Terror Cell (Dawn)

U.S. Fears Pakistan’s Power Cuts Are Militants’ Gain (AP)

Jets Kill 18 Suspected Militants in Northwest Pakistan (AP)

Punjabi Taliban a Growing Threat for Pakistan (Reuters)

Ties That Kill: Pakistan Militant Groups Uniting (Reuters)

U.S. Mulls Unilateral Pakistan Raids (AJE)

U.S. Reviews Possible Pakistan Strike (WP)

U.S. Preparing for Retaliatory Strike If Terror Attack Traced to Pakistan (VOA)

U.S. Rehearses Strike Inside Pakistan: Diplomats (Dawn)

Lake in Pakistan Begins to Overflow (AJE)

Hunza Lake: Waiting for the Inevitable (Express Tribune)

Water Outflow Increases from Attabad Lake (Dawn)

Pakistan, Iran in Gas Pipeline Agreement (UPI)

U.S. Bomb Plot Suspect Ordered Deported to Pakistan (UPI)

Pakistan Uprooted (Newsweek)


Dealing with Pakistan Editorial (NYT)

Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan by Razma Rumi (Express Tribune)

Culture of Intolerance: Editorial (Dawn)

Then They Came for Me by Rubina Saigol (Express Tribune)

The Ever Constant Threats by Ardeshir Cowasjee (Dawn)

A Murderous Mindset by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)


Operators of Drones Are Faulted in Afghan Deaths (NYT)

NATO Has High Hopes for Afghan Peace Council (NYT)

Top NATO Commander Addresses Recent Taliban Gains, Vows Commitment to Security (RFE/RL)

In Camouflage or Afghan Veil, A Fragile Bond (NYT)

Also: Redefining Gender Roles in Combat (NYT “At War” blog)

Also: Reaching Out to Afghan Women (NYT Photo Slide Show)

Afghanistan: David Cameron Calls Chequers Summit As Strains Grow (Guardian)

Taliban Leave Pakistan, But Afghans Repel Them (NYT)

Mullen Says Kandahar Campaign Will Take Months (AP)

Taliban Push Afghan Police Out of Valley (NYT)

Battalion Among Hardest Hit in Afghan War (WP)

NATO General: Taliban Train in Iran (AP)

Taliban Capture Afghan District on Afghan Border (AFP)

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghan Region at 1,000 (AP)

Afghanistan to Investigate Aid Groups for ‘Spreading Christianity’ (Guardian)


Saving Afghanistan from Its Neighbors (Reuters Blog)

Life Lessons the Afghanistan War Taught Me by Mark Jackson (WP)

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Mutilated Our Economy by Derrick Crow (Alternet)

Our Soldiers Have Shed Enough Blood by Dennis Mc Shane (Guardian)


India Train Crash Death Toll Rises to 145 (WSJ)

Headley Quizzing to Focus on His Post-26/11 Stay in India (Hindu)

Pakistan Delegation Off to India for Talks on Water (Dawn)


America’s Other Strategic Dialogue by Sumit Ganguly (WSJ)

India Pakistan: Towards Reducing Trust Deficit by Rahil Yasin (American Chronicle)


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