PakPulse: 5-28-10

In Press Roundup on May 28, 2010 at 10:30 am
Top stories:
Sectarian attacks hit two Pakistani mosques (New York Times)
  • Also: Gunmen attack mosques and take hostages in Lahore (Reuters)
  • Also: Mosque attacks leave at least 40 dead (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Lahore mosques rocked with grenades and gunfire (Financial Times)
  • Also: Gunmen attack Ahmadi mosques during Friday prayers (BBC News)
Other stories:
Kerry pushes for tougher controls on aid to Pakistan (Boston Globe)
UN official set to ask U.S. to end CIA drone strikes (New York Times)
Another suspect revealed in Times Square case (Associated Press)
Rhetoric grows heated in Indo-Pak water dispute (Washington Post)
Relief in Swat over reported death of Fazlullah (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: Afghans verifying reports of Fazlullah’s death (Financial Times)
Four policemen killed in Quetta (BBC News)
Swelling lake threatens villages downstream (McClatchy)
Fake degrees continue to pile up (Express Tribune)
No U.S. objection to Pak-China civil nuclear cooperation (Express Tribune)
IMF says VAT a must to avert economic crisis (Express Tribune)
Budget to bristle with Rs. 138 billion in new taxes (Dawn)
Insurgency’s components by Manzar Zaidi (Dawn)
Building Indo-Pak trust by Zafar Hilaly (Daily Times)
Fazlullah in Nuristan? (Daily Times)
Teachers’ protest (Dawn)
Kandahar will be key test of surge strategy (Financial Times)
Any chance of success for Karzai’s peace jirga? (Time)
  • Also: U.S. sees jirga as boost to Karzai (Reuters)
Fighting rages in eastern Afghanistan (Associated Press)
U.S. sees Iran, Afghanistan as gains of Russia reset (Reuters)
Senate rejects exit timetable for Afghanistan (Reuters)
Senate approves nearly $60 billion for wars (New York Times)
Texas memorial planned for Iraq, Afghanistan soldiers (Christian Science Monitor)
The logic of an Afghan policy leak by Leslie H. Gelb (Time)
America’s casualty gap by Douglas Kriner & Francis Shen (Los Angeles Times)
Kandahar through the Taliban’s eyes by Greg Mills (Foreign Policy)
Once upon a time in Afghanistan by Mohammad Qayoumi (Foreign Policy)
Tories must unite against the Taliban by Con Coughlin (Telegraph)
Maoist rebels suspected as Indian train derails (New York Times)
India creates air safety council (Wall Street Journal)
India’s greatest threat? by David Axe (The Diplomat)

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