Beastly attacks, laws against Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya

In Minorities on May 28, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Mourners embrace after the May 28th attack at two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan’s Ahmadis have long born state discrimination and the opprobrious treatment of their fellow country(wo)men, but two attacks at separate Ahmadi mosques in Lahore on May 28th, which killed at least 82 and injured 107 others, were an unprecedented display of the extent of unrelenting malice and disregard for the minority sect.  The attacks were carried out by men with firearms, two of whom also had suicide vests, during Friday prayer at mosques in Model Town and Garhi Shahu in Lahore.

AFP PhotoPolice and rescuers at the scene of one of two Ahmadi mosques attacked on May 28th

Though today’s attacks have been the most barbaric against Pakistani Ahmadis to date, a cursory look at Pakistan’s history of oppressing Ahmadi Muslims, as well as its other religious minorities, reveals why and how such carnage can transpire, and without justice for the victims.  See below for additional resources on Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya.

Additional Resources on the Ahmadiyya

“The Ahmadiyya Jama’at: A Persecuted Sect” by Dr. Simon Ross Valentine for the University of Bradford Pakistan Security Research Unit, Brief Number 35, November 23, 2008.

Conscience and Coercion: Ahmadi Muslims and Orthodoxy in Pakistan, by Antonio R. Gualteri, Guernica, 1989.

“Who Are the Ahmadi?” BBC News, May 28th, 2010.


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