PakPulse 5-27-10

In Press Roundup on May 27, 2010 at 10:00 am

Top stories:
Maulana Fazlullah believed to be killed (New York Times)
  • Also: Afghan police say Pakistan Taliban leader was killed (Reuters)
  • Also: TTP Swat leader killed in clash with Afghan forces (Express Tribune)
Other stories:
Pakistan plans to relax Youtube ban (Associated Press)
Militants storm house, kill three in northwest (Associated Press)
Warplanes bomb militant hideouts in Orakzai (Reuters)
Kashmir survey produces startling results (BBC News)
Haqqani rejects reports of U.S. pressure (Express Tribune)
Kayani visits Afghanistan (Express Tribune)
Salaried class to pay more income tax (Daily Times)
U.S. transfers $288m to Pakistan under CSF reimbursement (Daily Times)
Proposal for Chief of Defense Staff a non-starter (The News)

Pakistan’s antisocial networking by Kamila Shamsie (Guardian)
Pakistan’s hirjas deserve acceptance by Mustafa Qadri (Guardian)
Dynamics of a North Waziristan operation by Khalid Munir (Express Tribune)
Karachi’s Beirut-style civil war by Jan Assakzai (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Trial marks change at Afghan prison (New York Times)
U.S. puts hopes in bedraggled Afghan police (Los Angeles Times)
A. W. Karzai denies corruption (BBC News)
Inside Afghanistan’s most notorious prison (BBC News)
The wrong kind of war by Mary Kaldor (Guardian)
Why America needs allies by Andrejs Pildegovics (The National Interest)

Other stories:
Indian president makes rare state visit to China (Associated Press)
Census question over caste identity divides India (Associated Press)
Delhi cellphone interference (Wall Street Journal)
– – –
Also:  The Obama administration’s National Security Strategy (The White House)
[Note:  Afghanistan & Pakistan pp. 20-21.]

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