5-26-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
U.S. is a top villain in Pakistan’s conspiracy talk (New York Times)
U.S. offered crucial evidence in Pakistani meeting on Times Square (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistan Taliban attack eastern Afghan province (BBC News)
Media freedom fears after Facebook ban (BBC News)
Economic stability taking hold in Pakistan (Reuters)
World Bank gives Pakistan 48-hour ultimatum (Dawn)
U.S., India feel Sino-Pak nuclear deal irreversible (Dawn)
JUI-F may quit government coalition (The News)
U.S. lauds Indo-Pak commitment to dialogue (The News)
Lessons from Faisal Shahzad by Rick Nelson & Ben Bodurian (Foreign Policy)
Is PML-Q an effective opposition? by Marvi Memon (Express Tribune)
State Bank’s monetary policy (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Taliban slay elders over aid money (New York Times)
Kandahar governor faced allegations in job with contractor (Washington Post)
Car bomb hits outside NATO base in Kandahar city (Associated Press)
Taliban haunt nights in a Kandahar village (Wall Street Journal)
NATO soldiers bid farewell to slain Canadian (Associated Press)
Red Cross defends first aid courses for Taliban (Associated Press)
U.S. prison at Bagram to hold first trial (Associated Press)
  • Also: New Afghan prison marks change in Obama strategy (Reuters)
U.S. soldier beaten after reporting crimes (AFP)
A flawed strategy and a failed war by Katrina vanden Heuvel (Washington Post)
Bagram: a legal black hole? (Los Angeles Times)
Showtime in Kandahar by Jonathan Wallace (Foreign Policy)
Can India & Pakistan save Afghanistan? by Lawrence Korb & Gianluca La Manno (CAP)
America’s fatal flaws in Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid (Der Spiegel)
Liam Fox’s mistaken view of Afghanistan by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

Other stories:
Delhi court bans Air India strike (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Thousands stranded by strike (BBC News)
In India, banking on the morning after (Time)

New special relationship: UK and India by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)

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