5-25-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:
Supreme Court decides Mumbai suspect can stay free (Associated Press)
  • Also: Court upholds freedom of Hafiz Saeed (Express Tribune)
  • Also: Court quashes appeals against Saeed (Reuters)
  • Also: Government failed to provide enough evidence (Dawn)
Other stories:

Swat “Taliban families” expelled by tribal council (BBC News)
Peshawar fears influx of Taliban militants (Express Tribune)
Mehsud militants agree to leave North Waziristan for South (The News)
Zardari calls for taking Sino-Pak relations to new heights (Daily Times)
Foreign debt escalating (The News)
Where was Faisal Shahzad? by Raza Khan (Foreign Policy)
Pakistan asks, why do you hate us? by Steve Inskeep (Daily Beast)
Internet censorship (Dawn)
Widening jihadist appeal (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Afghan intelligence agency accuses ISI in bombing (New York Times)
  • Also: Several Taliban arrested in bomb investigations (Reuters)
Number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan exceeds total in Iraq (Washington Post)
An earful after a military operation in Kandahar (Los Angeles Times)
Kandahar governor strains to exert influence (Financial Times)
Kandahar campaign may be last chance to win over Afghans (ABC News)
Afghan government accountant sentenced for corruption (BBC News)
McChrystal impatient with Marja campaign (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: McChrystal calls Marja a “bleeding ulcer” (McClatchy)
UK army decides to detonate rather than dismantle Taliban bombs (The Independent)
Americans outgunned by Taliban AK-47s (Times of London)

The harsh lives of Kabul’s street children (BBC News)

Afghans believe U.S. is funding Taliban by Daniella Peled (Guardian)
Time to end mixed messages on Afghanistan policy by Richard Norton-Taylor (Guardian)

Other stories:
Flight data recorder of crashed Indian plane found (Associated Press)
Why are Hindu honor killings rising in India? (Time)

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