5-19-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:

Senior U.S. officials hold security talks in Pakistan (BBC News)

U.S. pressure on Pakistan may risk terrorist backlash (McClatchy)

Pakistan considers new role for army chief (Financial Times)
Pakistan urges India to join Iran gas network (Financial Times)
How the White House learned to love the drone (Reuters)

Pakistan Taliban claim retaliatory bombing (Christian Science Monitor)

Pakistan court orders block of facebook (Reuters)
Brennan says special interrogation team questioning Shahzad (NPR)
Pakistan arrests army officer linked to Times Square suspect (Los Angeles Times)
Times Square suspect eyed other targets (CNN)
Punjab Home Dept. adds security for Hafiz Saeed (Geo)
NAB prosecutor sacked on court’s orders (Express Tribune)
Musharraf says he’ll appear before court if summoned (Express Tribune)
Gilani promises special aid package for FATA (Express Tribune)
Boosting Pak-India trade a must says Mukherjee (The News)
Zardari forms committee to thrash out issues (The News)
UN provides Pakistan with list of wanted terrorists (The News)
Counterinsurgency gone bad by Morton Abramowitz & Sasha Pippengar (The National Interest)
Punjabi Taliban (Dawn)
Presidential pardon (Daily Times)

Top stories:
Taliban attack Bagram air base (New York Times)
  • Also: Contractor is killed in attack on base (Washington Post)
  • Also: Afghan insurgents killed in base attack (Reuters)
  • Also: U.S. downplays significance of assault (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Taliban up the ante with Bagram attack (Time)
Other stories:

Grim milestone: 1,000 Americans dead in Afghanistan (New York Times)
Illiteracy, corruption hamper Afghan police (Reuters)
U.S. hires Afghan farmers to hold off Taliban (Wall Street Journal)
British Afghan mission to come under U.S. control (The Independent)
Search resumes for missing passenger plane (BBC News)
War funding and the House that Murtha built (Foreign Policy)
China and India could fill gap left by U.S. withdrawal (The National)
Karzai’s brother accused of influence-peddling (Associated Press)
Why the West Wing’s Afghan strategy review makes me uneasy by Peter Feaver (Foreign Policy)
Aid, Afghanistan, and helpful hearsay by Robert Fox (Guardian)
Local contours of security in Afghanistan by Prakhar Sharma (Stimson Center)

Other stories:
India 3G auction raises $14 billion (Financial Times)
India goes backward on caste by Barun Mitra (Wall Street Journal)

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