5-18-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
U.S. to press Pakistan on bomb plot inquiry (New York Times)
  • Also: Panetta, Jones to meet with officials in Pakistan (Washington Post)
Zardari pardons Rehman Malik (BBC News)

Bomb kills Pakistani police officer (New York Times)
Suicide attack kills 11 in northwest (Associated Press)
Pakistani students arrested in anti-terror raids can stay in UK (Guardian)
Balochistan universities close after clashes (Express Tribune)
Foreign Office summons U.S. officials over visa delays (Express Tribune)
47 militants killed in Orakzai clashes (Dawn)
Kayani says roots of terror removed from Swat, Malakand (Dawn)
Al Qaeda’s push to unify the jihad by Mary Habeck (Foreign Policy)
Culture of corruption (Daily Times)
Campus battlegrounds (Dawn)
Ground realities (Dawn)

Top stories:
Suicide car bomber hits U.S. convoy in Kabul (New York Times)
Other stories:
In Afghanistan’s north, ex-warlord offers security (New York Times)
NATO says night raid killed insurgents; residents say civilians (Washington Post)
Kabul’s street photographers fade into history (Associated Press)
Search continues for downed Afghan passenger plane (Associated Press)
Opium addiction fuels Afghan chaos (BBC News)
Kandahar offensive now in the slow lane (Christian Science Monitor)
A “Sunni awakening” not so easy in Afghanistan (Time)
Can the U.S. learn to live with Karzai? (Time)
Afghan report links president’s brother to illegal land grabs (McClatchy)
Hundreds more trainers in Afghanistan may be needed (Reuters)
Afghanistan debate: John Nagl v. Peter Galbraith (The Economist)

Cameron must think again on Afghanistan by Philip Stephens (Financial Times)
Fiction wrestles with the Taliban by Taylor Antrim (Daily Beast)
The importance of the Wolesi Jirga election and local political networks by Noah Coburn (AREU)

Other stories:
India counts civilians among dead in Maoist attack (New York Times)
India to consider airstrikes against Maoist rebels (Associated Press)
  • Also: India reviews anti-Maoist policy (BBC News)
Should India worry about China’s “string of pearls”? (BBC News)
War between Chidambaram and civil society by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)
India’s fake drugs are real problem by Roger Bate (Wall Street Journal)

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