5-17-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Zardari faces legal challenge (Reuters)
For Shahzad, long roots of discontent (New York Times)
  • Also: Emails paint Shahzad as frustrated Muslim (CNN)
  • Also: What we know about Taliban link to Times Square (The Atlantic)
American al Qaeda: The story of Bryant Neal Vinas (CNN)
  • Also: From Long Island to Lahore (CNN)
Evacuations start amid fears of Pakistan lake burst (Reuters)
One soldier, 19 Taliban killed in Orakzai (Reuters)
Five more hostages freed in Kurram (BBC News)
TTP commander Hanif Gabol surrenders (Express Tribune)
Agro-industry in Pakistan finally taking off (Express Tribune)
Economy grows 4% in current fiscal year (Express Tribune)
Pakistanis suffered most displacement in 2009 (Dawn)
PM wants accountability of NRO architect (Daily Times)
Chinese company given contract for major sugar import (Daily Times)
Punjab police acknowledge Taliban activity in province (The News)
JI for talks with Taliban to counter U.S. pressure (The News)

Balochistan rethink needed (Dawn)

Pakistan vs. India – the widening gap by Yadegar Zaveri (Express Tribune)

Women and the Taliban by Kashmali Khan (Express Tribune)
Powerless Pakistan by Charles Ebinger & Kashif Hasnie (Dawn)
Reinventing dialogue by Sherry Rehman (Dawn)
American arrogance by Javed Hussain (Dawn)
The Clinton statement by Shahzad Chaudhry (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Combat generation: trying to work with an Afghan insurgent (Washington Post)
Afghan violence blocks reconstruction plan (Wall Street Journal)

Farmers say Taliban hold sway in Marja (New York Times)
Sign of Afghan addiction may also be its remedy (New York Times)
Passenger flight crashes in Hindu Kush mountains (New York Times)
Fences mended, Washington and Kabul look for path forward (Foreign Policy)
NATO unveils draft of new mission statement (Associated Press)
Pro-peace Muslim cleric is assassinated (Associated Press)
Opium blight fuels anti-government suspicion (Reuters)
Suicide attackers target Kandahar police (AFP)
Suicide bomber strikes Afghan border police (Associated Press)
U.S. releases Afghan prisoners in bid to mend relations (McClatchy)
Afghan army pays its dues in blood (Times of London)
In pictures: life in Badakhshan (BBC News)

The Afghan gamble by Peter Beinart (Daily Beast)
Inside the Obama war room (book excerpt) by Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)
Nation building is a luxury in Afghanistan by John Bolton (Times of London)
The gangs of Kandahar – the city’s real power? by Stephen Grey (Channel 4)
Agriculture is secret weapon in Afghanistan by Tom Vilsack & Mohammad Asif Rahimi (USA Today)
Killer fungus no mystery to Afghan poppy growers by Nushin Arbabzadah (Guardian)

NATO 2020: Assured Security, Dynamic Engagement (NATO Group of Experts)

Other stories:
Lion conservation success story turns into political issue (Washington Post)
India successfully launches Agni-II ballistic missile (BBC News)
Many dead in India bus attack (BBC News)
India’s failing counterinsurgency campaign by Anuj Chopra (Foreign Policy)

How the iPad model can work in India by Alok Mittal (Wall Street Journal)
India-China competition dims hopes for regional cooperation by Harsh Pant (Japan Times)
ISI and buried truths about Mumbai by Praveen Swami (The Hindu)

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