5-14-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Pakistan arrests man who says he aided Shahzad (Washington Post)
  • Also: Three in custody may have supported bomber (New York Times)
  • Also: Pakistan detainee claims he is bomber accomplice (AFP)
  • Also: FBI arrests three in bomb inquiry (BBC News)
Failed NY bombing raises U.S.-Pakistan tensions (Foreign Policy)

Pakistan Taliban say America will “burn” (Reuters)
Taliban find safe haven in Karachi (Reuters)
Pakistan faces perils of anti-Taliban offensive (Time)

Landslide and lake force evacuations (New York Times)
Chile says Pakistani detainee not linked to NY bomb (New York Times)
Skirmish at Afghan-Pakistan border (Al Jazeera)
Court acquits men accused of militant attacks (BBC News)
Supreme Court summons law minister (Express Tribune)
Holbrooke calls Qureshi about Karzai visit (Express Tribune)
Court orders police to confiscate Musharraf’s assets (Express Tribune)
U.S. hands over Hamesh Khan to NAB (Daily Times)
Pakistan and Afghanistan close to transit deal (Daily Times)
ANP leader gunned down in Karachi (Daily Times)
Pakistan, China agree on nuclear assistance (The News)
U.S. wants Pak offensive against Haqqani network (The News)
Can we revoke Shahzad’s citizenship? by Peter Schuck (Wall Street Journal)
Can Pakistan be secular? by Gautam Adhikari (Times of India)
What next after Swat military operation? by Zubair Torwali (Express Tribune)
Pakistan’s ideological blowback by Shibil Siddiqi (Express Tribune)
A conspiracy of silence? (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Leaders put different face on Afghan drive (New York Times)
At U.S.-Afghan meetings, talk of nuts and bolts (New York Times)
America makes up with wayward Afghan leader (Economist)
Karzai ends visit with promises to deliver (BBC News)
Karzai presses U.S. on Kandahar plan (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Karzai says issue of brother is “resolved” (Reuters)
  • Also: Clinton says U.S. will not destroy Kandahar to save it (BBC News)
  • Also: U.S. efforts in Kandahar already faltering (McClatchy)
  • Also: Murders rattle Kandahar, thwart drive to restore government (McClatchy)
Afghans protest deadly U.S. raid (New York Times)
  • Also: Raid in Nangarhar spark protests (BBC News)
  • Also: Protest turns violent, one dead (Reuters)
Transcript of Pentagon news briefing with Gen. McChrystal (Dept. of Defense)

Clinton says Afghan women’s rights will not be sacrificed (Associated Press)
Karzai to visit U.S. troops heading to Afghanistan (AFP)
Senate panel approves money for Afghan, Iraq wars (Reuters)
Afghan war costs now outpace Iraq’s (USA Today)
Analysts express skepticism over reintegration efforts (Reuters)
Mysterious “white Taliban” strike fear in village hearts (Times of London)

Can Obama save his Afghan surge? by Jackson Diehl (Washington Post)

Other stories:
In India, hitching hopes on a subway (New York Times)
Violence surges in Indian Kashmir after decline (Associated Press)
Environment minister to keep position (Wall Street Journal)
Will there be an Indian Harvard? by Sudip Mazumdar (Foreign Policy)
India’s urban awakening (McKinsey Global Institute)

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