5-13-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Pakistan psychologists issue conflict health warning (Reuters)
Grenade attack kills two in Peshawar (BBC News)
Pakistan visit will improve trust, says Krishna (Express Tribune)
Textile mills announce weekly strikes (Express Tribune)
War on terror: the price we pay (Express Tribune)
Army plays down risk of flooding to villages (Dawn)
Chief Justice constitutes court to hear 18th amendment challenges (Dawn)
Gates sees sustained improvement in US-Pak relations (Daily Times)
Pakistan and Times Square by Nicholas Kristof (New York Times)
Surveillance and Shahzad (Wall Street Journal)
What’s happening to Faisal Shahzad? by Bill Burck & Dana Perino (Wall Street Journal)
The revenge attack myth by Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)
Beyond growth (Dawn)

Top stories:

Avoiding tensions, Obama reassures Karzai (New York Times)
Other stories:

Distrust of Afghan leaders threatens U.S. war strategy (New York Times)

Five fronts in the war in Afghanistan (graphic) (New York Times)
Mysterious blight destroys Afghan poppy harvest (New York Times)
NATO, Afghan forces kill two dozen militants in north and east (Associated Press)
Afghans protest against Iran over executions (Reuters)
  • Also: Thousands protest in Jalalabad (BBC News)
Report paints bleak picture of Afghan army (Financial Times)
Civilian casualties in Afghanistan are rising (Reuters)
IEDs stalk NATO’s frontline troops (Times of London)
Pentagon rethinking major counterinsurgencies (McClatchy)
Military plans mobile phone network for southern Afghanistan (AFP)
In pictures: Kabul rises again (BBC News)
Images from Outpost Restrepo (Newsweek)
Mr. Obama and Mr. Karzai, take two (New York Times)
Obama and Karzai play nice by David Ignatius (Washington Post)
Obama should tell Karzai to resign by Nasir Shansab (Christian Science Monitor)
Karzai feels the love by Stephen Walt (Foreign Policy)
Shura to fail? by Ann Marlowe (The New Republic)
Poppy crop threatened by tiny foe by Gretchen Peters (Foreign Policy)
Reconstituting the Afghan National Army (International Crisis Group)

Other stories:
India seeks Iran’s help in stabilizing Afghanistan (Times of India)
Indian telcos uplink to competition by Kunal Bajaj (Wall Street Journal)

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