5-12-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Indian external affairs minister will travel to Islamabad (New York Times)
Senators demand tighter rules on no-fly list (New York Times)

State Dept. hasn’t decided whether to label TTP as terrorist group (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: U.S. mulls adding Pakistan Taliban to list (AFP)
  • Also: U.S. weighs official designation for Taliban (Newsweek)
  • Also: Democrats want Pak Taliban on list (Politico)
Pakistan textile workers rally (Wall Street Journal)
Drone attacks killed at least 24 suspected militants (Financial Times)
Taliban kill two alleged U.S. spies in northwest (Associated Press)
Pakistani still in custody in Chile (New York Times)
Pakistan’s Iran envoy attacked in Tehran (BBC News)
Pakistani official says government did not arrest Mullah Omar (Foreign Policy)
The spread of homegrown terrorism (CNN)
Pakistan’s elite yet to pay their taxes (Express Tribune)
Inflation hits three-month high (Express Tribune)
Holbrooke clarifies Clinton’s remarks (Express Tribune)
Musharraf claims 200,000 fans on Facebook (Express Tribune)
Government asks Wazir elders to expel Mehsud Taliban (Daily Times)
International smuggling syndicate is exposed (The News)
World Bank spell out 10-point strategy for Pakistan (The News)
The making of a terrorist by Robert Wright (New York Times)
The straw-man terrorists by Sadanand Dhume (Wall Street Journal)
Balochistan, a flawed policy by Sanaullah Baloch (Dawn)
Jihadi infrastructure (Dawn)
Change of tone (Daily Times)

Top stories:
Karzai in Washington, smiles all around (New York Times)
Other stories:

Karzai and Obama: whose strategy for Afghan endgame? (Time)
U.S. turns on charm to secure Karzai’s support for new offensive (The Independent)

Hezb-i-Islami rejects draft peace proposal offering exile (Reuters)
Taliban claims killing of Afghan prison official (Associated Press)
Afghan army riddled with corruption and feuding (McClatchy)
New UK foreign secretary says Afghanistan is top priority (Reuters)
Pelosi tries to find votes to fund Afghan war (Fox News)
A fence-mending agenda for Obama and Karzai by Zalmay Khalilzad (Washington Post)
The evil of lesser evilism by Maureen Dowd (New York Times)
Committed to Karzai (Los Angeles Times)
Karzai like a fox by Michael Hirsh (Newsweek)
Karzai’s White House welcome is a facade by Olivia Hampton (Guardian)
Stop buying off the Afghans by Vanda Felbab-Brown (Brookings)
Governance in Afghanistan (Center for American Progress)
Prospects for Security & Political Reconciliation in Afghanistan (Belfer Center)

Other stories:
India eyes pact with China to save tigers (Financial Times)
Steep rise in India’s greenhouse gas emissions (BBC News)

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