5-11-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
NY plot highlights U.S.-Pakistan mistrust (Washington Post)
  • Also: U.S. military tries to reassure Pakistan amid terror probe (CNN)
Pakistan’s UN ambassador says NY suspect acted alone (CBS News)

Times Square turns spotlight on Pakistan’s military (Time)

Drone strikes pound western Pakistan (New York Times)
Army checkpoint attacked in Orakzai (Associated Press)
  • Also: Soldiers killed in Orakzai clashes (BBC News)
Pakistan, Indian foreign ministers meet for talks (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistan invites India for meeting on peace talks (BBC News)
Pakistan court dismisses Taliban extradition challenge (Reuters)
Population growth out of control (Express Tribune)
U.S. reviewing China’s nuclear assistance plan (Express Tribune)
MQM, PPP look to resolve Hyderabad issue (Express Tribune)
Pakistani man arrested at U.S. embassy in Chile (Dawn)
Government to increase defense budget by Rs 100 billion (Daily Times)
Protests against prolonged load shedding (Daily Times)
Unfulfilled commitments (Dawn)
The PPP kitchen cabinet (Dawn)
MQM politics (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Karzai’s reception reflects new U.S. approach (New York Times)
Karzai seeking license for wider Taliban talks (Associated Press)

Clinton tells Karzai U.S. is committed for long term (BBC News)
Afghan warlords feed on U.S. contracts, say critics (Financial Times)
Afghan attacker subdued on plane (Wall Street Journal)
Afghanistan readies to reintegrate Taliban (Time)
Corruption, incompetence plague new police force (McClatchy)
U.S. soldiers stalk Afghanistan’s deadly wildlife (Associated Press)
Bomb kills two U.S. service members in south (Associated Press)
Afghan girls hit again by suspected gas attack (Reuters)
Red Cross confirms second jail at Bagram (BBC News)
Afghanistan’s last Jew vows to stay put (CNN)

Talking to the Taliban by James Dobbins (International Herald Tribune)
Obama has much to untangle with Karzai (Washington Post)
U.S. lost in Afghan vote by Peter Galbraith (Los Angeles Times)
Obama’s mixed message to Karzai by David McKean (Boston Globe)
The stressful relationship by Blake Hounshell (Foreign Policy)
A chance to press reset on Afghanistan by Peter Feaver (Foreign Policy)
Rolling out the red carpet for Karzai by Brian Katulis (Foreign Policy)
How Karzai can save himself by Gerard Russell (The New Republic)
Women betrayed by Valerie Hudson & Patricia Leidl (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
As cricket grew in India, corruption followed (New York Times)
New Delhi residents cheer new metro system (Washington Post)
Japan to develop green cities for India (Financial Times)

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