5-10-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Militants with global aims spreading roots throughout Pakistan (Washington Post)

Pakistan to come under U.S. pressure on militant hub (Reuters)
Terrorists may have new focus on striking U.S., officials say (Associated Press)

Pakistan airport stops man with circuits in shoes (Associated Press)
Pakistan faces Taliban resurgence (BBC News)
Did French kickback lead to bombing in Pakistan? (Time)
How jihadist recruiters check for spies (Newsweek)
Rehman Malik, in Beijing, says Uighur leader killed in Pakistan (Reuters)
Split emerges in PPP over judicial crisis (Express Tribune)

Resentment in PPP over core committee’s powers (Dawn)
Pakistan asks U.S. for Hamesh Khan’s extradition (Express Tribune)
MQM collects resignations of ministers, advisers (Dawn)
Did hard times create the Times Square bomber? (The News)
Why Pakistan keeps exporting jihad by Fareed Zakaria (Washington Post)
Islam’s nowhere men by Fouad Ajami (Wall Street Journal)
Why terrorists take credit for botched attacks by Nicholas Schmidle (The New Republic)
U.S.-Pak ties, back to square one by Quatrina Hosain (Express Tribune)
Ulema and terrorism by Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (Dawn)
U.S. pressure (Dawn)
A dire threat (Daily Times)

Other stories:
U.S. military runs into Afghan tribal politics after Shinwari deal (Washington Post)

Karzai, Obama seek to mend caustic ties in visit (Reuters)
Fatal fighting pits villagers and Taliban (New York Times)
Afghan floods kill ten, destroy hundreds of homes (Associated Press)
Not your father’s Taliban (Newsweek)
Kandahar braces for bloody summer (Guardian)
Man arrested for possible attack on Afghan plane (AFP)
Afghanistan bars two private security firms (AFP)
How to manage Karzai by Stephen Biddle (Washington Post)
Can Karzai’s brother help? by Elise Jordan (Daily Beast)

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