5-7-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:

Pakistani Taliban are said to expand alliances (New York Times)

Expanded U.S. presence in Pakistan is debated (New York Times)

Possible role of Kashmir-focused groups may hinder terror probe (Washington Post)

Shahzad case shines light on Pakistan’s jihad tourism (Time)

Times Square bomber linked to militant cleric (New York Times)

Gunmen kill four police at checkpoint in northwest (Associated Press)

Sindh may steamroll VAT plans (Express Tribune)

Rehman Malik confirms China will provide $180 million for law enforcement (Express Tribune)

Krishna to call on Qureshi about future of bilateral talks (Express Tribune)

Gilani says government may fund political parties (The News)


Still partners by Sen. Richard Lugar (Foreign Policy)

Pakistan is fighting terror
by Mosharraf Zaidi (Wall Street Journal)

Pakistan’s good Taliban and bad Taliban by Con Coughlin (Wall Street Journal)

How to modernize Miranda for the age of terror by Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post)

On the Times Square terrorist by Stephen Walt (Foreign Policy)

Terrorists overshadow the real Pakistan by Mustafa Qadri (Guardian)

What makes the Times Square bomber different by Ahmed Rashid (NY Daily News)

Jihadists and Times Square, interview with Brian Fishman (CFR)

Pakistan’s paranoid press (Boston Globe)

The infrastructure of jihad by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

North Waziristan, new terrorist epicenter? (Daily Times)


Other stories:

U.S. calls Marja offensive a success (Los Angeles Times)

The troubling dynamics of insurgency (The Economist)

NATO gambles on A. W. Karzai collaboration (Times of London)

Taliban’s Kandahar killings hurt governance

Threat is rising from Afghan homemade bombs

Two NATO service members killed in south and east
(Associated Press)

Fresh floods hit north Afghanistan (BBC News)


Leading with two minds by David Brooks (New York Times)

India-Pakistan proxy war puts Afghanistan exit at risk by Simon Tisdall (Guardian)

Time running out to make a decisive difference in Afghanistan by Anthony Loyd (Times of London)


Other stories:

In modernizing India, caste fatally lurks (Reuters)

India warns U.S. over military aid to Pakistan (Dawn)

Gun battle in Indian Kashmir leaves 7 dead
(Associated Press)


In India, sometimes news is product placement by Akash Kapur (New York Times)


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