5-5-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:
From suburban father to terrorism suspect (New York Times)
Other stories:

In wake of bomb scare, U.S. may lean on Pakistan to hit militants harder (Washington Post)
Pakistan still magnet for U.S. terror suspects (Wall Street Journal)
Failed attack comes at delicate time for U.S.-Pak relations (Foreign Policy)

Taliban seek comeback in Swat Valley (Reuters)
Cynicism over Pakistani efforts to save energy (BBC News)
Drone strategy originated with Bush, official says (CNN)
Karachi police seize arms trailer (Express Tribune)
NAB chairman to be dismissed (Express Tribune)
India to seek extradition of Saeed and others (Daily Times)
From Peshawar to Times Square (Wall Street Journal)
The case of Faisal Shahzad by Steve Coll (The New Yorker)

North Waziristan – terrorism’s new hub? by Ahmed Rashid (Washington Post)
The real danger in makeshift bombs by David Ignatius (Washington Post)
Why Pakistan produces jihadists by Sadanand Dhume (Wall Street Journal)
What Pakistan’s terrorists want by Bruce Riedel (Daily Beast)
The TTP, Mullah Omar, and bin Laden by Mary Habeck (Foreign Policy)
Old and new guard jihadists in Pakistan by Nicholas Schmidle (The New Republic)

Other stories:
Taliban suicide squad attack Afghan compound (New York Times)
UN refugee chief says security has deteriorated (Associated Press)
Tribal elder gunned down in Kandahar (Associated Press)
U.S. officer says Afghan army not ready to lead big raid (Reuters)
More Afghan schoolgirls ill in suspected gas attack (Reuters)
Three weeks in a hopeless land by Anna Badkhen (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
Watchdog says radioactive waste accounted for (BBC News)

Inside the Maoist insurgency in Jharkand (BBC News)
SAARC’s snarky politics by Jyoti Malhotra (Wall Street Journal)
An economic spark for SAARC by Barun Mitra (Wall Street Journal)

The slumdog and the millionaire by Rupa S. Dehejia (Wall Street Journal)

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