5-4-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on May 4, 2010 at 8:58 am

Top stories:
Authorities arrest naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan in Times Square case (New York Times)
Other stories:

Deadlock over Pakistan’s Mumbai suspects (BBC News)
German terrorist suspect killed in Pakistan (Associated Press)
U.S. estimates show drones kill low-level militants, few civilians (Reuters)
Global repercussions of India-Pakistan detente (The Atlantic)
U.S. completes CSF transfer to Pakistan (Express Tribune)
Gen. Petraeus visits Pakistan (Daily Times)
PM says economic woes linked to terror war (Daily Times)
Time is ripe to draw foreign investors, says governor (Daily Times)
U.S. Senators applaud Pakistan interfaith initiative (Daily Times)
Swat tourism suffers due to militancy (The News)
Combating simple, yet deadly, forms of terrorism by Steven Simon & Jonathan Stevenson (Washington Post)
Terror made in Pakistan by Paul Cruickshank (Foreign Policy)
The undeath of Hakimullah by Saba Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)
FATA should not be made a province by Asad Munir (Express Tribune)
At the edge of an abyss by Shahid Javed Burki (Dawn)
The Kasab conviction (Dawn)
The water row (Dawn)

Other stories:
U.S. to send trainers to Afghanistan as stopgap (New York Times)
McChrystal says Karzai visit is crucial (Wall Street Journal)
McChrystal on “gravitational pull” in South Asia (Wall Street Journal)
Toggling between fighting and outreach in Afghanistan (New York Times)
New NATO idea to avoid killing innocent Afghans (Associated Press)
Reformed Afghan suicide bomber joins police (AFP)
The way out (New York Times)

Other stories:
Death sentence sought in Mumbai case (New York Times)
Mumbai verdict: Next move, Pakistan’s? (Time)
Mumbai attacks reshape Indian law (Christian Science Monitor)
Judging Indian justice by Tripti Lahiri (Wall Street Journal)
The axis of grudging cooperation by G. Parthasarathy (Wall Street Journal)
Executing the Mumbai gunman not the answer by Priyamvada Gopal (Guardian)

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