4-29-10 PakPulse

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Top stories:

Hakimullah Mehsud believed to be alive (Associated Press)
India, Pakistan leaders talk at regional meeting (Associated Press)
Other stories:
U.S., Pakistan bolster joint efforts, treading delicately (Washington Post)

Pentagon sees Pakistan shift, downplays Afghan impact (Reuters)
Taliban militants reappear in Swat valley (BBC News)
Pakistan annuls major gas import contract (Wall Street Journal)
Taliban flogging video awakened Pakistan to group’s reach (Los Angeles Times)
House hearing questions legality of drone attacks (CNN)
Indian ban on cotton exports hit Pakistani textile industry (Reuters)
Militants blow up schools in Orakzai, Mohmand (Express Tribune)
50 additional U.S. military personnel to arrive in Pakistan (Express Tribune)
Supreme Court verdict rocks Gilani’s bureaucracy (Dawn)
U.S. unlikely to block Chinese nuclear exports to Pakistan (Dawn)
Asian Tigers have new demands for release of hostages (The News)
An end to impunity? (Daily Times)

Other stories:
U.S. seeks to prop up Kandahar governor (Washington Post)

U.S. questions Karzai support, anti-corruption zeal (Reuters)
  • Also: Pentagon reports on Taliban gains and strains (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: U.S. releases damning report ahead of Karzai visit (BBC News)
  • Also: Afghan Taliban growing stronger, Pentagon reports (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: Pentagon assessment is downbeat (McClatchy)
Afghan lawmaker’s relative killed in night raid (Associated Press)
  • Also: U.S. troops raided home of female MP (Reuters)
On a holiday for Afghans, tight security and violence (New York Times)
Conspiracy theories widespread in the north by Anna Badkhen (Foreign Policy)
Canada’s Afghan detainee scandal by Colin Horgan (Guardian)
Report on progress toward security and stability in Afghanistan, April 2010 (Department of Defense)

Other stories:
For India’s ruling party, challenge is governing (New York Times)
Indian university was source of radiation exposure incident (New York Times)
India ID project fights dust, doubt (Reuters)
Finance minister says high inflation worrisome (Wall Street Journal)
Commercial fast breeder nuclear reactor delayed (Wall Street Journal)
School is a right, but will Indian girls be able to go? (Time)
India ahoy by Rory Medcalf (Wall Street Journal)
Getting Asia right means getting India right by Daniel Twining (Foreign Policy)

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