4-28-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
China to build nuclear reactors in Pakistan (Financial Times)
  • Also: Pak-China relations to strengthen (Dawn)
What have Pakistan’s military offensives achieved? (BBC News)

U.S. begins inquiry on spy network in Pakistan (New York Times)
Militants, troops clash in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
Prime ministers of Pakistan, India to hold talks Thursday (Associated Press)
Five policemen killed in car bomb attack (Reuters)
Letter from Pakistan: A brewery’s recipe for survival (Washington Post)
Behind India’s bust of a Pakistan spy (Time)
Terrorist attacks spike in Pakistan, Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Defense attorney predicts decision next month in DC 5 case (CNN)
Musharraf edges toward comeback (Express Tribune)
World Bank approves $110m fund for border areas (Daily Times)
Hafeez deplores lack of U.S. interest in bailing out Pakistan (The News)
The Bhuttos and their books by Saba Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)
Fault lines by Marvi Memon (Express Tribune)
Policies for growth by Asad Zaman (Express Tribune)
Game plan? (Dawn)

Other stories:
Afghans mark anniversary of victory over Soviets (Associated Press)
Afghanistan to launch internet crackdown (Financial Times)
Prominent Kandahar elder is shot dead (BBC News)
Roadside bomb kills 12 civilians in southeast (Reuters)
Briton sentenced for Afghan bribery (Wall Street Journal)
Afghanistan denies police role in killing of UN staffers (Los Angeles Times)
Musical chairs in Holbrooke’s shop (Foreign Policy)
Ex-New York student guilty of sending gear to al Qaeda in Afghanistan (Reuters)
U.S. plan to arm militia founders on tribal rivalries (McClatchy)
Families of Helmand victims criticize US and UK authorities (Guardian)
Warped lives by Anna Badkhen (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
Women spreading political wings in India (New York Times)
After parliament vote win, India to move on nuclear bill (Reuters)
India diamond cutters aim to stave off China (Financial Times)
Is climate change South Asia’s deadliest threat? (BBC News)

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