4-26-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on April 26, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Other stories:
Pakistani officials say drone strike killed four (Associated Press)
CIA turns to smaller missiles in Pakistan (Washington Post)
India-Pakistan cloud hangs over SAARC summit (Express Tribune)
PPP decides to lock horns with Supreme Court (Express Tribune)
UK sent back 12 Pakistani students in 2009 (Express Tribune)
Military operation launched in Khyber agency (Dawn)
PML-Q to table 19th amendment in parliament (Dawn)
Police get powers to close shops in Islamabad (Dawn)
Pakistan seeks IMF waiver on fiscal deficit target (The News)
Kerry says budget cut to hurt efforts against terror in Pakistan (The News)
No secrets in the sky by Peter Bergen & Katherine Tiedemann (New York Times)
Why Pakistan has to work by Mustafa Qadri (Guardian)
In the national interest by Osman Samiuddin (Express Tribune)
The inimitable Rehman Malik by Javed Chaudhry (Express Tribune)
Can there be an end to this war? by Daud Khattak (Daily Times)
Circular debt (Dawn)
The almanac of al Qaeda by Peter Bergen & Katherine Tiedemann (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
Explosions in Kandahar kill two (Associated Press)
Karzai set for talks with Indian PM Singh (Guardian)
  • Also: Afghan, Indian leaders to meet in Delhi (AFP)
Grisly Afghan museum honors anti-Soviet jihad (Reuters)
Afghans burn NATO trucks in response to civilian killings (Washington Post)
German leaders and voters coming to terms with war (Economist)
Enforcement of liquor ban rankles foreigners (Los Angeles Times)
NATO snubs Gordon Brown over Helmand withdrawal plans (Telegraph)
Taliban condemns poison gas attack in Kunduz (The Independent)
NY police let Zazi slip through (Wall Street Journal)
Mr. Karzai comes to New Delhi by Matthew Rosenberg (Wall Street Journal)

Other stories:
Indian justice inches closer to chapters of violence (New York Times)
India to consider Kasab’s extradition (Express Tribune)
Indian cricket king suspended (New York Times)
Uproar in India over phone tapping (BBC News)
Contrasting fortunes of Indian car workers (BBC News)

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