4-23-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on April 23, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Other stories:
Killings rattle Pakistan’s Swat valley (New York Times)
  • Also: Targeted killings rekindle fear in Swat (Reuters)
Army says militants kill 7 soldiers in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistani troops are killed in ambush (BBC News)
“Jihadi channels” opened to secure release of former ISI spies (Daily Times)
U.S. encouraged by Pakistani public opinion trends (The News)

PML-N elections will be held in September (Express Tribune)
Power companies ask govt to increase tariff (Express Tribune)
Islamabad High Court reestablished (Daily Times)
Budget deficit to overshoot target (Daily Times)
Nuclear treaties (Dawn)
Where terrorists walk free (Daily Times)
Upholding U.S. values in Pakistan by Patrick Duplat & Renata Rendon (The Hill)
The real crisis by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)

The other strategic assets by Fahd Husain (Express Tribune)
Has Bajaur been cleared of Taliban? by Farhat Taj (Express Tribune)

Other stories:

Allies aim to begin handing control to Afghans (Associated Press)
  • Also: NATO agrees to Afghan security transfer plan (Reuters)
  • Also: Transfer of control could begin this year (Washington Post)
  • Also: Parts of Afghanistan to be transferred this year (BBC News)

Military and diplomats at odds over Kandahar’s electricity woes (Washington Post)
Once docile parliament stands up to Karzai and becomes U.S. ally (Washington Post)
Afghan security forces implicated in killing of UN worker (Washington Post)

Merkel tries to beat back opposition to Afghanistan (New York Times)

Combat Outpost Spera endures amid outpost rethink (Associated Press)
Two U.S. soldiers are killed in the east (Associated Press)
Taliban rift ignites struggle for control of insurgency (Times of London)
Afghan vote chief says West should not mettle (Associated Press)
Military leaders say UK election should not influence Afghan timetable (The Independent)
Russia criticizes NATO’s anti-drug efforts (Reuters)
Mr. Karzai might even agree (New York Times)
The meaning of the Korengal retreat by Bing West (Wall Street Journal)
Helpless to help in Afghanistan’s local government by Anna Badkhen (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
In ambitious India, growing quest for athletic success (Washington Post)
India sits up to U.S. terror warning (The News)
Kashmir strike to protest against death penalty (BBC News)
Will highway building project be path to growth? (BBC News)

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