4-19-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
On Pak-Afghan border, joining Taliban to settle scores with relatives (Washington Post)
Zardari signs bill curbing presidential powers (Wall Street Journal)
Pakistan military holds back in North Waziristan (Time)

Bomber strikes near political rally (New York Times)
Suicide bombers strike refugees in northwest (New York Times)
Behind the scenes of a Pakistani suicide bombing (Associated Press)
Pakistan sidelines some officials after Bhutto report (Reuters)
Mullah Omar indicates he may be willing to hold peace talks (Times of London)
  • Also: Afghan Taliban reject media reports about Mullah Omar talks (The News)
A six point strategy for the power crisis (Express Tribune)
Pakistan’s new attorney general (Express Tribune)
U.S. to make transformational investments in Pakistan (Dawn)
Roots of Taliban conflict fester in Swat (Dawn)
Al Qaeda using new tactic in war (Dawn)
Pakistan-EU summit postponed (Dawn)
Chief Justice says state must curb corruption (The News)
An intolerant nation (Dawn)
Whither rule of law? by Raza Rumi (Express Tribune)
Forging Pakistan’s economic future by Shahzad Chaudhry (Daily Times)
Mapping the battle for Pakistan (New America Foundation)

Other stories:
UN endorses Karzai’s choice to lead election commission (New York Times)
Karzai under fire over poll reform (Financial Times)
Military scrambles soldiers, staff, and supplies (New York Times)
First-hand look at firefights in Marja (New York Times)
The British election and the wars (New York Times)
American aid official visits Kandahar after attacks on contractors (New York Times)
Taliban targets U.S. contractors on projects in Afghanistan (Washington Post)
Taliban say buildup is underway (Associated Press)
German prosecutors drop Afghan probe (Associated Press)
Afghan police arrest 9 in plot for Kabul attacks (Associated Press)
Blast at Afghan army base near Kabul kills two (Reuters)
Donkey bomb kills three children in Kandahar (Reuters)
Afghanistan frees detained Italians (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan security forces may have killed UN employee (Foreign Policy)
Water polo, in Afghanistan? (Los Angeles Times)
Key to success lies with Afghan officials coming through by Doyle McManus (Los Angeles Times)

Other stories:
Scandal forces Shashi Tharoor to step down (New York Times)
Indian who built yoga empire works on politics (New York Times)
India raises poverty-rate estimate (Wall Street Journal)
Blasts rattle cricket fans in south India (New York Times)
India parliament resumes after cricket cash row (Reuters)
A quota within a quota (Wall Street Journal)
Insuring India’s nuclear power by Henry Sokolski (Wall Street Journal)

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