4-15-10 PakPulse

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Other stories:
Senate passes bill cutting presidential powers (Associated Press)
Drone strike hits militants in North Waziristan (BBC News)
U.S. faces hurdles in aid spending in north-west (Associated Press)
American’s “quiet son” on terror charges in Pakistan (BBC News)
Difficult task in former Pakistan Taliban bastion (BBC News)
UN Bhutto commission expected to release report soon (CNN)
U.S., France not reluctant to provide nuclear technology (Dawn)
Lashkar-e-Islam ready for talks with government (Dawn)
Pakistan says U.S. needs to do more in Bajaur (Dawn)
IMF assures Pakistan to get next tranche in May (Dawn)
Power crisis grips Pakistan (Express Tribune)
Police arrest TTP leader from Karachi (Express Tribune)
Illegal construction of madrassas on the rise (Express Tribune)
Mr. Obama’s agenda (Dawn)
Socio-economic cost of terrorism in Pakistan by Arshad Ali (Pakistan Security Research Unit)

Other stories:
Close of Korangal base is admission it was a mistake (New York Times)
U.S. doubles anti-Taliban special forces (Los Angeles Times)
Karzai, lawmakers agree on fraud panel (Associated Press)
NATO aims to fight Afghan crooks, without naming them (Reuters)
Obama says plans to start withdrawing are on track (Associated Press)
Obama backs Karzai, but says still needs pressuring (Reuters)
Car bomb hits hotel in southern Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Civilian bomb injuries soar in south (Associated Press)
Marines pay Afghan farmers to destroy opium crop (Reuters)
Karzai brother mends ties with U.S. (Associated Press)
Afghan bankers see growth despite insecurity (Reuters)
Afghans reportedly abused at Bagram prison (BBC News)
A tale of soldiers and a school by Joe Klein (Time)
Digging out in Afghanistan’s forgotten village by Anna Badkhen (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:
Taking a sacred plunge, one wave of humanity at a time (New York Times)
Thousands need aid after deadly storm (Reuters)
Indian police defuse bomb on train (Reuters)
India’s cryogenic satellite launch fails (BBC News)
Religious violence leaves long trail of refugee camps (Christian Science Monitor)
India’s nuclear example by Rory Medcalf (Wall Street Journal)

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