4-12-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on April 12, 2010 at 8:24 am

Other stories:
South Asian nuclear tensions not on agenda for summit (New York Times)
  • Also: Gilani on mission to seek nuclear status in Washington (Dawn)
  • Also: Pakistan in spotlight as U.S. nuclear summit opens (Daily Times)
Over 200,000 flee military offensive in north-west (Associated Press)
Pakistani forces kill up to 40 militants in Orakzai (Reuters)
Country still afflicted with mass power crisis (Geo)
Nawaz criticizes government handling of power shortages (Dawn)
Implementation of amendment package is uphill task (Daily Times)
IMF tells Pakistan no compliance, no money (The News)

Embracing identity (Dawn)
Bad old ways (Dawn)
Dyncorp (The News)
Pakistan’s daring fashion week by Anam Mansuri (Daily Beast)

Other stories:
U.S. troops fire on Afghan bus, killing at least 5 civilians (New York Times)
  • Also: Protests follow the shooting, near Kandahar (Los Angeles Times)
  • Also: NATO troops spark protest in Kandahar (AFP)
Suicide bombers hit Afghan spy office in Kandahar (Reuters)
Gates, Clinton defend Karzai amid tensions (AFP)
  • Also: Transcript from Gates, Clinton interview (ABC News)
Holbrooke, Petraeus meet Karzai in Kabul (AFP)
Taliban wants France to arrange detainee swap (Associated Press)
Kazakhstan to allow U.S. overflights to Afghanistan (Washington Post)
Marja still at risk, says U.S. general (Los Angeles Times)
Alleged corruption surrounds Karzai (Newsweek)
Italians “confess” to murder plot in Helmand (Times of London)
Militants attack Indian camp in Afghanistan (Dawn)
Our man in Afghanistan by Fareed Zakaria (Washington Post)

Other stories:
PM Singh expresses concerns to U.S. over Pakistan (BBC News)
Obama backs Indian access to Headley (Daily Times)

India industrial output slows (Wall Street Journal)
Obama doesn’t tell India he’s very fond of it by Paul Beckett (Wall Street Journal)

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