4-9-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on April 9, 2010 at 11:01 am

Top stories:
National Assembly votes to sharply curtail presidential power (Washington Post)
  • Also: Parliament votes unanimously in favor of measures (BBC News)
  • Also: Amendment strips president of inherited powers (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pundits hail amendment as historical moment (CNN)
  • Also: Rare unanimity restores parliamentary system (Dawn)
  • Also: Bill is approved by 292-0 vote (Daily Times)
  • Also: Gilani says parliament is now sovereign (The News)

Other stories:
Pakistani troops kill 18 militants in north-west (Associated Press)
U.S. dampens expectations for nuclear deal (Dawn)
More than 200,000 flee tribal regions, UN reports (Dawn)
Kayani promotes three major generals (Dawn)
IMF delegation arrives to discuss $11.3 bn program (Daily Times)
U.S. is focused on Pakistan’s growing energy needs (Daily Times)
Miliband outlines UK aid plan over next four years (The News)
A peculiarly Punjabi quarrel by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar (International Herald Tribune)
Historic amendment (Dawn)
A people’s revolt (Daily Times)
More autonomy? (The News)

Other stories:
NATO helicopter crashes, killing four (New York Times)
Obama says Karzai must remain “critical partner” (Associated Press)
NATO chief says Karzai is good partner (Associated Press)
Inquiry puts spotlight on U.S. special forces (Los Angeles Times)
U.S. special forces commander apologizes and slaughters sheep (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Also: Vice-Adm. McRaven visits Paktia to ask forgiveness (Times of London)
NATO vows to find captured American (Associated Press)
Afghan police learn to fight domestic violence (Reuters)
Australia suspends Afghan, Sri Lankan asylum claims (Reuters)
Can U.S. supply Afghan war without Kyrgyzstan’s airfield? (Christian Science Monitor)

Germany comes to terms with its new war (Time)
Holbrooke is cleared by doctors for Afghan trip (Reuters)
Miliband says stable Afghanistan possible in 2 years (Daily Times)
Afghanistan and the decline of American power by Fouad Ajami (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan marksmanship: pointing, not aiming by C. J. Chivers (New York Times)
Karzai unhinged? by Jeffrey Gedmin (Foreign Policy)
Karzai and confusion in Kabul by Martine van Bijlert (Foreign Policy)
The problems of night raids by Erica Gaston (Foreign Policy)
Prisoner of the Taliban by Jacob Bernstein (Daily Beast)

Other stories:
India power output misses target (Wall Street Journal)
India curbs foreign tobacco companies (Financial Times)
India’s 3G auction gets underway (BBC News)
Sticks and carrots for teachers by Mayank Maheshwari (Wall Street Journal)
The Indian book ceremony by Shoba Narayan (Wall Street Journal)

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