4-7-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on April 7, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Other stories:
Pakistan weighs changes to revise constitution (New York Times)
  • Also: The constitutional shakeup in Pakistan (Reuters)
Holbrooke to undergo heart procedure (Foreign Policy)
  • Also: Envoy treated for clogged heart valves (Bloomberg)
U.S., UN close Peshawar offices (Daily Times)
U.S. team arrives to probe consulate bombing (Daily Times)
NAB refuses to hand over Swiss record to law ministry (Dawn)
Ten militants killed as Orakzai offensive continues (Dawn)
Australia blocks Pakistani cargo on WMD concerns (Daily Times)
Pakistan Air Force flexes its muscles (The News)
Visiting U.S. official calls attention to narcotics problem (The News)
TTP strikes again (Dawn)
Dodging taxes (Dawn)
Dying to kill (Daily Times)
Tales from parliament by Cyril Almeida (Dawn)
Reinventing the Taliban by Rafia Zakaria (Dawn)

Other stories:
Afghan election chief and deputy resign (BBC News)
White House hints it may cancel Obama-Karzai meeting (Washington Post)
Aide denies Karzai threatened to join Taliban (Associated Press)
UN rejects Karzai charge of interfering in vote (Reuters)
Drug claim clouds U.S.-Afghan relations (Financial Times)
  • Also: Galbraith says Karzai is “off balance” (Politico)
  • Also: President’s mental stability is questioned (Times of London)
  • Also: Karzai is accused of substance abuse (Guardian)
Taliban kidnap gang chief released early (BBC News)
Support for Taliban hit all-time high in Kandahar last spring (Globe & Mail)
Despite progress, Afghan women still struggle (McClatchy)
Fast food joints at Kandahar base to be shut down (Christian Science Monitor)
CIA victim said to have rescued future Afghan president (Associated Press)
How to save Afghanistan from Karzai by Bing West (New York Times)
The Karzai fiasco (Wall Street Journal)
Karzai’s fit is Taliban’s gain (Boston Globe)
Other stories:
Geithner hails economic partnership with India (Washington Post)
China, India agree to set up hot line for leaders (Associated Press)
Chinese hackers stole Indian national security information (Associated Press)
India’s education for all mandate poses big test (Christian Science Monitor)
India says it will push on with Maoist offensive (Associated Press)
Priest says he’ll go to U.S. to face sex charges (New York Times)
Violence in India not to deter investors (Wall Street Journal)
A lesson for India in competition (Wall Street Journal)

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