4-2-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup, Uncategorized on April 2, 2010 at 9:27 am

Other stories:
Enduring army role in Swat raises questions about civilian government (Washington Post)

Pakistani lawmakers consider weakening presidency (Associated Press)
Tribes ready to return to South Waziristan after offensive (AFP)
  • Also: Mehsuds agree to return to S. Waziristan (Daily Times)
Head of Frontier Corps warns that tribal areas need $1 billion investment (Guardian)
Attorney General Mansoor tenders resignation (Dawn)
U.S. objects to pipeline deal with Iran (Dawn)
U.S. seeks Pakistan action against LeT (Daily Times)
Zardari urges World Bank to finance energy and water projects (Daily Times)
Pak-UK extradition treaty delayed (Daily Times)
Supreme Court’s resolve unnerves presidency (The News)

Al Qaeda’s ground zero by Paul Cruickshank (Foreign Policy)
Ghosts of corruption past by Huma Imtiaz (Foreign Policy)
Reforms at last (Dawn)
IDPs from the tribal areas (Dawn)
Historic national consensus (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Taliban silence Kandahar’s clerics (Wall Street Journal)
Afghan president rebukes west and UN (New York Times)
Abdullah says Karzai undermines war on Taliban (Associated Press)
Homemade bombs plague Afghan roads (Reuters)
In war zone, a movie theater comes back to life (Christian Science Monitor)
British forces seize Taliban boss of “bomb alley” (The Independent)
Marja market is battleground for Afghans’ trust (McClatchy)
U.S. ready to pursue senior Afghan officials on drugs (AFP)
Stabilization or crisis in Kandahar? by Erica Gaston (Foreign Policy)
Assessing effectiveness of development aid in COIN operations (Wilton Park Conference Report)

Other stories:
Fire and fumes can’t drive Indians from hellish village (Wall Street Journal)

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