3-29-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 29, 2010 at 8:28 am


Other stories:

Suicide bomber kills one in north-west (Associated Press)
Pakistani court maintains curbs on A. Q. Khan (Associated Press)

  • Also: Lahore High Court declares Khan a free man (Dawn)

Mullah Omar appoints two new deputies in Baradar’s place (The News)
For Pakistan Taliban, critics on home front include mothers
(Christian Science Monitor)
IMF tranche of $1.2 billion may be delayed
(The News)

  • Also: Differences over VAT jeopardize IMF plan (Dawn)

Supreme Court issues notices to FIA, Interior Secretary (Dawn)
Kabul’s move for Taliban talks upsets U.S. (Dawn)
Gilani trying to break deadlock with PML-N (Dawn)
$1 billion petroleum scam lands in federal cabinet (The News)
Endgame for Afghanistan and implications for Pakistan (The News)
Rangers to replace Frontier Constabulary for Diplomatic Enclave security (The News)

Judicial commission (Dawn)
The Competition ordinance (Dawn)
Laws to protect children (Dawn)
The lion’s meek roar (Daily Times)

Other stories:
After week of wins, Obama turns to Afghanistan (Associated Press)

  • Also: Secrecy, surprise: Anatomy of Obama’s trip (Reuters)
  • Also: Transcript of the President’s remarks (The White House)
  • Also: Transcript from Obama-Karzai meeting (Fox News)
  • Also: Obama’s surprise trip (Politico)

Afghan corruption: how to follow the money? (Washington Post)
Karzai talks to the enemy but is the U.S. on board? (Time)
14 injured in NATO helicopter crash in Afghanistan
(Associated Press)
Pentagon puts pressure on Karzai over corruption (Reuters)
Leaked CIA report calls for recruiting Afghan women for PR campaign (AFP)

  • Also: Red Cell Report: “Sustaining West European Support for the NATO Mission” (CIA)

NATO to put Afghan troops in front line for new southern push (Times of London)
Corruption in Afghan government is headache for White House (Times of London)
Medical care of troops could suffer if casualties rise (Times of London)
British forces to be replaced by U.S. Marines in Helmand (Telegraph)

Who’s winning this war? by Bruce Riedel (Daily Beast)


Other stories:
Gujarat leader grilled at massacre inquiry (Guardian)
Fear of more terror attacks drives demand for sniffer dogs (Washington Post)
A small cheer for India’s banks (Wall Street Journal)
Survey shows 31% of Muslims in India below poverty line (Daily Times)


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