3-10-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 28, 2010 at 9:08 am
Other stories:
U.S. doubts Islamabad’s will to pursue militants (Financial Times)
Karzai arrives in Pakistan for security talks (Wall Street Journal)
ISI chief Pasha gets extended term (ABC News)
Aid group World Vision attacked in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Upset by U.S. security, Pakistanis return as heroes (New York Times)
Pakistani and Indian fishermen are pawns in dispute (Los Angeles Times)
Top Pakistan cricket players banned from national team (Christian Science Monitor)
Drone strikes in tribal areas boost Taliban support (Times of London)
Pakistan, U.S. agree on new Afghan set up (The News)
Pakistan outlaws workplace harassment of women (AFP)
  • Also: Zardari signs bill making harassment a crime (Dawn)
UK announces 60 million pounds in aid for FATA, NWFP (Daily Times)
Judges get raise in salary (Dawn)
Gilani says economy may improve by year’s end (Dawn)
Zardari hopes constitutional reforms will be finalized soon (Daily Times)
Bridging the U.S.-Pakistan gap (Dawn)
Our terrorism travails (Daily Times)
The non-intellectual elite by Siddique Humayun (Dawn)
Nuclear status and security by Shamshad Ahmad (The News)
Other stories:
Iran and U.S. trade barbs in Kabul (New York Times)
Gates tours southern city that symbolizes progress (Washington Post)
Miliband urges push for Afghan peace deal (Reuters)
  • Also: UK seeks Afghan political drive (BBC News)
  • Also: Britain urges Karzai to start talks (Guardian)
Hollywood style sets help prepare soldiers for war (Wall Street Journal)
Our man in Kabul: the warlord who wants to be our friend (The New Republic)
U.S. European Command says NATO falling short on Afghan training (AFP)
Making war and peace in Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid (BBC News)
New rules of engagement don’t pit civilians vs. soldiers by Sarah Holewinski & James Morin (Christian Science Monitor)
NATO renewal requires European courage in Afghanistan by David Abshire (Christian Science Monitor)
Death by a thousand cuts (Times of London)
Gates’s visit was about hearts and minds at home by Brian Katulis (Foreign Policy)
Other stories:
Uproar in India over female lawmaker quota (New York Times)
  • Also: Congress party faces turmoil over womens’ bill (Reuters)
  • Also: Upper house passes bill reserving a third of seats (Washington Post)
Climate goal is supported by India and China (New York Times)
India’s micro-finance industry to share data (Wall Street Journal)
India’s tribes in land fight with business (Financial Times)
India, women and democracy (Wall Street Journal)
Debasing India’s democracy by Barun Mitra (Wall Street Journal)
India’s unequal poiltical landscape by Suhasini Sakhare (Guardian)
What Indian acquirers want by Anil Kumar (Wall Street Journal)
The ship that ran around Goa by Bharat Joshi (Wall Street Journal)

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