3-25-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 25, 2010 at 9:18 am

Top stories:
Pakistan is “satisfied” with U.S. pledges on aid delivery (Washington Post)
  • Also: U.S. praises Pakistan’s antiterrorism efforts (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: U.S. boosts strategic ties with Pakistan (Financial Times)
  • Also: Distrust lingers over U.S.-Pakistan relations (McClatchy)
  • Also: Sec. Clinton and For. Min. Qureshi remarks (State Department)
  • Also: Gilani says nation will be briefed on dialogue (Dawn)
  • Also: U.S. to provide $125m for energy, power (Dawn)
  • Also: U.S. to speed up arms supply (The News)

Other stories:

Bin Laden warns U.S. over fate of al Qaeda figure (Associated Press)
Pakistani airstrikes kill over 60 militants near Afghan border (Associated Press)
Pakistan faces tough task rejuvenating Swat (Reuters)
Pakistan holds two suspects in British boy’s abduction (Associated Press)
  • Also: Kidnapping suspects are held in Pakistan (BBC News)
Landslide threatens massive floods in Pakistan (Reuters)
JUI rides to government’s rescue over strategic dialogue in NA (Daily Times)
Norwegian government reviews Pakistan aid (Daily Times)
NAB prosecutor quits, exposes PPP pressure (The News)
Gilani blocks scanners deal with China (The News)
Pakistan, rebranded by Imaduddin Ahmed & Kapil Komireddi (Boston Globe)
Pakistan’s shrewd shift in dialogue by Daniel Markey (CFR)
Holding Pakistan by Haider Mullick (Foreign Affairs)
The Pak-U.S. strategic dialogue (Daily Times)
Judicial reform in Swat (Dawn)
More inflation (Dawn)
Baradar, Pakistan, & the Afghan Taliban: What gives? by Ashley Tellis (Carnegie Endowment)
Other stories:
UN chief in Afghanistan meets with Hekmatyar delegation (Associated Press)
After arrests, Taliban promote a fighter (New York Times)
China says it agrees with Afghanistan on politics (Associated Press)
Afghan bride’s defiance leads to death (Los Angeles Times)
UK soldiers relive Afghan shooting (BBC News)
Has health care blocked an Afghan police inquiry? (Newsweek)
Lt. Gen. Barno under investigation for mismanagement (Foreign Policy)
Exasperated Marines say Afghan soldiers are below standard (McClatchy)
UN calls for Afghan amnesty law to be repealed (AFP)
Afghan election body announces reshuffle (AFP)
U.S. works to win support of poppy farmers (USA Today)
U.S. plays down hopes for Afghan reconciliation (The News)
Other stories:
India likely to liberalize cross-Kashmir trade (Daily Times)
Delhi lacks all credibility on inflation by David Roche (Wall Street Journal)

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