1-25-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 25, 2010 at 11:43 am
Pakistan’s rebuff over new offensive rankles U.S. (New York Times)
Pakistan government, military wary of U.S. overtures (Washington Post)
U.S. struggles to convey “common enemy” message (Financial Times)
On the trail of the Taliban in Quetta (BBC News)
Supreme Court not satisfied with Malik’s explanations (Dawn)
PML-N divided over judges issue (Daily Times)
Gilani says no clash between national institutions (The News)
Zardari’s eligibility challenged through election commission (The News)
Economic shocks in store for Pakistan (The News)
Robert Gates makes himself heard by Toby Harnden (Telegraph)
A basic right (Dawn)
Anti-democratic (Dawn)
Tipping point (The News)
India, Pakistan lack the intelligence to win peace by Jawed Naqvi (Dawn)
A role for China by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)
National interests and diplomacy by Shahid Amin (Dawn)

McChrystal sees eventual Taliban peace deal (Reuters)
Race against time for NATO strategy (Financial Times)
Rocket hits Kandahar Air Field (Associated Press)
Afghans may need more than four months to prepare elections (Christian Science Monitor)
Afghan, Pakistan presidents meet in Istanbul (AFP)
British troops face five more years in Helmand (Times of London)
Transcript of Petraeus interview (Times of London)
Swedish diplomat reportedly accepts UN post (Politico)
In from the cold? (New York Times)
The key to Yemen and Afghanistan by Hendrik Woods (Guardian)
Realism replaces idealism (The Independent)
Mumbai gunman demands trial by international court (Associated Press)
How India’s aviation industry is soaring (BBC News)
Sixty years of change in India by Craig Jeffrey (Guardian)

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