1-24-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 24, 2010 at 10:44 am

Gates sees fallout from troubled ties with Pakistan (New York Times)
Bin Laden vows more attacks on U.S.
(Associated Press)
Talks with Taliban loom over Pakistani-Afghan summit (Reuters)
Taliban kill seven in Pakistan for being U.S. spies (Reuters)
Suspected U.S. drone crashes in Pakistan (Associated Press)

  • Also: Drone crashes in North Waziristan (Dawn)

Countdown to the post-Zardari era begins (Economist)
The quest for a plan to cope with drought (Dawn)
Gilani may be best hope for stability (Dawn)
Blast in Khyber kills one, wounds two (Dawn)
Sugar is key concern in Lahore (Dawn)
Taliban blow up girls’ school in Peshawar (Daily Times)
Turkey to provide Cobra helicopter parts (Daily Times)

Lahore airport security (Dawn)
Pakistan’s water woes (Dawn)
The future of democracy (Daily Times)
The rule of law and civil service by Kunwar Idris (Dawn)
The unholy law by Mansoor Raza (Dawn)

Afghanistan postpones parliamentary elections (New York Times)

Other stories:
UN seeks to drop some Taliban from terror list
(New York Times)
The Taliban doesn’t seem ready to talk (New York Times)
Foot on bomb, Marine defies a Taliban trap (New York Times)
Al Qaeda-linked suspects arrested for Kabul attack (Associated Press)
London draft sees 2011 start to Afghan handover (Reuters)
Bombs and baksheesh (Economist)
Petraeus says Afghanistan to take longer than Iraq (Times of London)
Real successes may only come with Taliban at the table (Times of London)

Kabuki in Kabul by Jean MacKenzie (Foreign Policy)
No more friendly fire by Patrick Hennessey (Daily Beast)

At festival in India, books are the buzz (New York Times)

  • Also: In Jaipur, Indian book market comes into its own (Time)

India launches Maoist offensive in five states (BBC News)
India and Haiti: different responses to different quakes (Time)
LeT planning “paraglider attacks” in India (Times of London)

Notes from Jaipur by Steve Coll (The New Yorker)


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