3/21/10 PakistanPulse

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Top stories:

Eide says Taliban arrests have halted early talks (New York Times)

  • Also: Envoy accuses Pakistan of undermining talks (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Arrests stopped secret communication channel (BBC News)
  • Also: Galbraith says Eide “greatly exaggerating” Taliban talks (Foreign Policy)

Other stories:

Pakistan’s tickets to the Afghan endgame

Under Panetta, a more aggressive CIA
(Washington Post)

Pakistan’s poverty pushes its children to work
(Associated Press)

Pakistan tribal council says army must destroy Taliban (Associated Press)

Pakistani Taliban kill four, calling them U.S. spies (Associated Press)

Pakistan seeks U.S. civilian nuclear aid; deal unlikely (McClatchy)

  • Also: Pakistan will get fair hearing on nuclear request (The News)

Gilani says U.S. dialogue will yield concrete results (Daily Times)

Naval cooperation will improve Pak-U.S. ties (Daily Times)

Inside the constitutional package (The News)

Gilani wants UK support for Pak access to EU markets (The News)

Judicial commission being set up for missing persons (Daily Times)

Three TTP members arrested from Karachi (Daily Times)

TTP bomb factory seized in Karachi (Daily Times)

Gilani calls for support of international community (Dawn)

ANP & MQM record dissent on provincial autonomy (Dawn)

Malik orders cancellation of illegal arms licenses (Daily Times)

Ex-ISI official claims he arranged Nawaz-Osama meetings (Daily Times)


Pakistan to America: what have you done for us lately? by Arif Rafiq (Foreign Policy)

Spotlight on North Waziristan by Katherine Tiedemann (Foreign Policy)

Talks with the Taliban (Dawn)

Covering up anarchy (Daily Times)

Mixed signals by Huma Yusuf (Dawn)

Dilemmas of counterterrorism by Hasan-Askari Rizvi (Daily Times)


Other stories:

U.S. turns blind eye to opium in Marja (New York Times)

Taliban adjust, wage bomb attacks in Marja (Associated Press)

Taliban make comeback in Kunduz as war spreads north (Washington Post)

Afghan bombs grow, forcing troops to adapt (Wall Street Journal)

U.S. frees detainees, but Afghans’ anger persists (New York Times)

Ahmed Wali Karzai, U.S. stumbling block in Kandahar (Time)

After 8 years and $6 billion, Afghan police training still a mess (Newsweek)

Iranians train Taliban to use roadside bombs (Times of London)

Afghan bomb attacks kill at least 12 civilians (Reuters)

Bomber attacks Afghan Army patrol (Associated Press)

Iraq & Afghanistan, America’s invisible wars (Christian Science Monitor)


Lessons from the Soviet war by Edward Girardet (Christian Science Monitor)

Could Helmand be the Dubai of Afghanistan? by Jean MacKenzie (Foreign Policy)

A new command structure in Afghanistan by Michael Innes (Foreign Policy)

A trek through the Wakhan corridor by Nick Horne (Foreign Policy)


Other stories:

India to get access to Headley, but no extradition (Associated Press)

Indian cabinet approves tougher hijacking law (Wall Street Journal)

Explosive material found on Indian plane
(Associated Press)

India tests new version of cruise missile (Associated Press)

Central bank in India raises interest rates (Bloomberg)

U.S. and Indian filmmakers unite against piracy (BBC News)

West Bengal pays with blood for a steel plant (Guardian)

India criticizes U.S. export controls (McClatchy)


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