3-17-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 17, 2010 at 10:10 am

Other stories:
Pakistan resists call to squeeze Taliban (Financial Times)
Pakistan, Iran sign deal on natural gas pipeline (Reuters)
Two drone strikes reported in North Waziristan (Associated Press)
Pakistani court charges five Americans with terrorism (Associated Press)
Three arrested in British boy’s abduction in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Interview with Prime Minister Gilani (transcript) (Financial Times)
India says Pakistan won’t close 42 terror camps (Dawn)
Four MQM workers shot dead in Karachi (Dawn)
Five security personnel killed near Peshawar (Dawn)
Police seize explosives in Lahore, sidestep disaster (Daily Times)
U.S. gives Pakistan Army fleet of Cobra helicopters (Daily Times)
Zardari seeks civilian nuclear technology from U.S. (Daily Times)
Let Pakistan make its own progress by Nadia Naviwala (International Herald Tribune)
Militancy in Punjab (Dawn)
Musharraf’s brazenness (Daily Times)
For a reformed Pakistan by Manzur Ejaz (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Karzai, Obama discuss prospects for Taliban talks (Reuters)
U.S. fights trainer shortage and illiteracy (Washington Post)
Afghanistan says it enacted law to pardon war crimes (Reuters)
Reorganization of allied forces will centralize McChrystal’s command (Associated Press)
Over 1,000 police reinforcements will be sent to Kandahar (Associated Press)
Dozens killed in bus accident in Afghan mountains (Associated Press)
Taliban harness power of the web (BBC News)
Karzai government reportedly held secret talks with Baradar (Telegraph)
Extrication strategy by H. D. S. Greenway (International Herald Tribune)
Why the U.S. must talk to the Taliban by Ahmed Rashid (Washington Post)
Outsourcing intelligence by David Ignatius (Washington Post)
Why negotiate with the Taliban? by Frederick & Kimberly Kagan (Wall Street Journal)
Want to understand the war? Ask the generals by Hew Strachan (Times of London)

Other stories:
Headley agrees to plea guilty in Mumbai attacks (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Headley will admit to plot (BBC News)
A Gandhi rises to prominence in India (Wall Street Journal)
Shootout at science facility called “amateurish” (Wall Street Journal)
Conundrum of Kerala’s struggling economy (BBC News)
Rising pay in India is dwarfed by inflation (BBC News)
Homegrown jihad in India by Sadanand Dhume (Wall Street Journal)
Don’t forget India by Nikolas Gvosdev (The National Interest)
Why India loves facebook by Tunku Varadarajan (Daily Beast)

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