3-16-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 16, 2010 at 8:59 am

Other stories:
Pakistani government to seek power shift (Wall Street Journal)
Karachi “water mafia” leaves Pakistanis parched and broke (Los Angeles Times)

Pakistani officials say suspected U.S. missile killed 9 (Associated Press)
Intelligence officials say Mullah Omar may be in Karachi (BBC News)
British boy kidnapped in Pakistan is found (Associated Press)
Zardari calls for counter-terror strategy (Dawn)

India says Pakistan-trained terrorists behind Pune blast (Dawn)
Cornered PML-N launches bid to limit damage (Dawn)
Shahbaz has alienated Punjab (Daily Times)
TTP offers “deal” to Punjab government (Daily Times)
PPP MPs to quit NWFP government if demands not met (The News)
Pakistan’s catch 22 by Sameer Lalwani (Foreign Policy)
Out of the tribal areas and into the cities by Kalsoom Lakhani (Foreign Policy)
Sharif and the Taliban (Dawn)
Existentialist threat (Daily Times)
The civil-military struggle within by Sher Ali Khan (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Karzai reportedly “angry” at Baradar’s arrest (Associated Press)

U.S. is reining in special forces in Afghanistan (New York Times)
Afghan women fear loss of hard-won progress (Washington Post)
Afghan politician pushes for a comeback (New York Times)
Afghan government to send more police to Kandahar (Associated Press)
UN set for more discreet talks with Taliban (Reuters)
GAO blocks police training contract for firm Xe (Washington Post)
Are some Taliban ignoring Mullah Omar’s ethics code? (Christian Science Monitor)
Former British official arrested in Afghanistan on corruption charges (Times of London)
Refugees from Afghan assault fall between cracks (Telegraph)
To win, U.S. has to beat Taliban at propaganda game by Allan Richarz (Christian Science Monitor)
Man of letters by Elizabeth D. Samet (The New Republic)

Other stories:
Indian cabinet backs foreign schools (New York Times)
Indian government withdraws nuclear power legislation (Los Angeles Times)
Shootout at science facility deemed not a terror attack (Wall Street Journal)
Facebook to open India office (Wall Street Journal)
Indian farmers battle against nuclear plant (BBC News)
Delhi unveils giant public air freshener (Times of London)
India’s disjointed prosperity by Tim Sebastian (International Herald Tribune)
Unprincipled precaution by Julian Morris (Wall Street Journal)

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