3-12-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 12, 2010 at 8:50 am

Top stories:
Pakistani offensive turns into test of wills (New York Times)
Twin suicide attacks hit military sites in Pakistan (New York Times)
Other stories
India open to new round of Pakistan talks (Reuters)
Can fatwa against terrorism stop extremists? (Time)
Pakistani militants may be down, but not out (Reuters)
Father waits for case of Virginia man charged in Pakistan (Washington Post)
Pakistan navy test fires missiles (BBC News)
Funeral held for Karachi cleric (BBC News)
Panic in Karachi after murder of scholar (Dawn)
U.S. State Dept. report highlights NRO fiasco (Dawn)
Constitutional reform committee addresses natural resources control (The News)
Donors agree to let Pakistan increase power tariff subsidy (The News)
Afghan soldiers unlikely to get training in Pakistan (The News)
The Karzai visit (Dawn)
A leaf from Turkey’s book by Ayesha Siddiqa (Dawn)
Arresting the Taliban by Zafar Hilaly (Daily Times)
Rehabilitation of the Taliban by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad (Daily Times)
Pak-India relations: grounds for optimism by Iftikhar Ahmad (Daily Times)

Other stories:
Afghan tribal rivalries bedevil U.S. plan (New York Times)
Some U.S. officials see growing Taliban-al Qaeda rift (Los Angeles Times)
Program aims to rebuild Afghan police force (Washington Post)
India tells Putin of Afghan fears (Financial Times)
U.S. takes risks with ties to strongman (Financial Times)
Battlefield dead haunt U.S. Marines and Afghans alike (Reuters)
U.S. troops to take over from UK in Musa Qala (The Independent)
Burden sharing by Steve Coll (The New Yorker)
Other stories:
India and Russia build ties with pacts (New York Times)
India sets target to eliminate Maoist threat (Times of India)

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