3-11-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 11, 2010 at 10:08 am
Other stories:
Arrests force Taliban leadership to spread out in Pakistan (Wall Street Journal)
Karzai and Gilani pledge cooperation (New York Times)
  • Also: Karzai, in Islamabad, calls for end to “proxy wars” (BBC News)
  • Also: Zardari calls for Marshall Plan (Daily Times)
Pakistan’s spy chief to stay on another year (New York Times)
Drone strikes kill 21 in Pakistan (Associated Press)
Bomb planted outside store kills 4 in north-west (Associated Press)
High-level Pakistan-U.S. dialogue to begin March 18 (The News)
Pakistan, Afghanistan agree to revive jirga process (Dawn)
Pakistan’s acid attack victims fight back (Time)
Three killed, nine injured in Peshawar blast (Dawn)
Supreme Court orders closure of police torture cells (Dawn)
Lawmakers’ complaints over body-scans reveal complex U.S.-Pak ties (Daily Times)
The ISI chief (Dawn)
Extraordinary times (Daily Times)
Continuing mission (The News)
The World Vision attack (Dawn)
A review of the U.S. Pakistan assistance strategy by Jamal Hussain (Daily Times)

Other stories:
House rejects plan to leave Afghanistan by year’s end (New York Times)
Overworked Embassy Kabul straining to meet demands (Washington Post)
Gates says Iran’s support for Taliban is “pretty limited” (Associated Press)
In Kabul, hopelessness weighs on job hunters (Los Angeles Times)
Miliband urges negotiations with Taliban, other insurgents (Washington Post)
  • Also: Speech highlights Britain’s Afghan anxieties (BBC News)
German court confirms Marja administrator served in prison (Wall Street Journal)
Bomb kills 5 Afghan civilians in north-east (Associated Press)
Drug abuse is problem among Afghan police recruits (Reuters)
  • Also: U.S. report highlights abuse (BBC News)
Afghan students risk lives to go to school (BBC News)
War with an end (Guardian)
Iran’s double game in Afghanistan by Massoumeh Torfeh (Guardian)
The Dutch retreat by Ian Buruma (Guardian)

Other stories:
Indian women on the march (Economist)
India power exchanges struggle (Wall Street Journal)
Putin seeks to bolster links with New Delhi (Financial Times)
India, China make mark on Forbes rich list (Christian Science Monitor)
Deadly backlash against freedom of information activists (Christian Science Monitor)
Agriculture should be source of growth, not just votes (Economist)
Intolerant India by Salil Tripathi (Wall Street Journal)
We need to build class of respectful Indians by Mayank Maheshwari (Wall Street Journal)

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