3-8-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 8, 2010 at 10:30 am
Top stories:
Blast hits Federal Investigative Agency in Lahore (New York Times)
  • Also: Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for attack (Reuters)
  • Also: Car bomber struck during rush hour (Wall Street Journal)
  • Also: Attack draws attention to militancy in Punjab (Financial Times)
  • Also: FIA building collapses after blast (Dawn)

Other stories:
Confusion over identity of arrested American al Qaeda operative (Reuters)
Pakistan under pressure to name new finance minister (Wall Street Journal)
MQM warns against steps taken on local government system (Dawn)
Government urged to ban export of diesel (Dawn)
U.S. implicitly accepts Pakistan as declared nuclear state (Dawn)
Protections being considered for civilian bureaucrats (The News)
Hafiz Saeed rails against India’s “water theft” (The News)
Pakistan and U.S. to hold strategic talks by month’s end (The News)
Convicted officer appointed FIA anti-crimes chief (The News)
Lawless police (Dawn)
Equal rights for women (Dawn)
Monitoring NGOs (Dawn)
The Balochistan volcano (The News)
Wake up, Punjab by Nadeem Paracha (Dawn)
Obama’s nuclear rebuff by Asif Ezdi (The News)
The way forward in FATA by Ayaz Wazir (The News)
Other stories:
Gates visits Afghanistan to meet with Karzai (New York Times)
Karzai receives mixed reception in Marja (New York Times)
Police, U.S. troops battle gunmen in eastern Afghanistan (Associated Press)
Kandahar offensive to wait for more troops (Associated Press)
McChrystal says U.S. slowed Marja campaign to spare civilians (Associated Press)
Blasts kill twelve in northwest Afghanistan (Reuters)
A tale of two convoys by Stephen Biddle (International Herald Tribune)
Other stories:
India renews vow to stay in Afghanistan (Financial Times)
India races to match China’s double-digit growth (Financial Times)
Indian Oil to look abroad, diversify, cut losses (Wall Street Journal)
Women’s bill sparks protests in upper house (BBC News)
Indian writer ready for role in Maoist talks (BBC News)
A climate-change chameleon by Mary Kissel (Wall Street Journal)
Could U.S. have halted Pune bomb plot? by Philip Shenon (Daily Beast)
India’s real estate boom on shaky ground by Devita Saraf & Prathima Manohar (Wall Street Journal)

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