3-5-10 PakPulse

In Press Roundup on March 5, 2010 at 11:20 am
Other stories:
Senior Taliban commander said to be arrested in Pakistan (Associated Press)
  • Also: Pakistan arrests key Taliban leader in Karachi (BBC News)
“Inside job” suggested in British boy’s abduction (Associated Press)
Five killed in suicide attack on Shiites in north-west (Associated Press)
Deadly blast hits convoy in north-west (BBC News)
Newsweek to launch Pakistan edition (Financial Times)
Holbrooke unsure if Pakistan is against Afghan Taliban (Dawn)
Singh open to Pakistan talks but wants terror controlled (Dawn)
Unsung hero of lawyers’ movement parts ways with judiciary (Daily Times)
Gilani hails Pakistan-EU ties (Daily Times)
  • Also: EU to release aid for terrorism-affected areas (The News)
U.S., Pakistan air forces conduct joint refuelling operation (Daily Times)
War on terrorism disturbs national budget (The News)
Predators over Pakistan by Kenneth Anderson (The Weekly Standard)
Is North Waziristan next? by Imtiaz Gul (Foreign Policy)
Helping the economy (Dawn)
Good cop, bad cop (Daily Times)
Engaging political parties is only long-term security solution by Erum Haider (Dawn)
State within a state? by Ayesha Siddiqa (Dawn)
Other stories:
Tough road ahead for Afghanistan transfer (Financial Times)
Departing UN envoy urges political solution in Afghanistan (New York Times)
McChrystal bans night raids without Afghan troops (Reuters)
Marines face skepticism after taking Marja (Reuters)
NATO unfolds blueprint to rebuild Marja (Christian Science Monitor)
Gen. McChrystal is given expanded authority (BBC News)
Afghan women lawmakers hamstrung by warlords (AFP)
Former head of SAS says UK Army denied vital equipment (Telegraph)
Other stories:
Indian politicians vie for poor Muslim votes (Economist)
Police investigate deadly Indian stampede (Associated Press)
Indian government to spend more this year (Wall Street Journal)
Singh says economy likely to grow by at least 7.2% this year (Wall Street Journal)
Lloyd’s of London hits at “difficult” India (Financial Times)
Scalability and replicability by S. Giridhar (Wall Street Journal)

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